St Lukes Grammar School


Enrolment Process

Applying for a Place at St Luke's


St Luke's Grammar School welcomes enrolment enquiries and applications, for both girls and boys, from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. 


St Luke's is a non-selective school, that caters for students with a broad range of academic abilities and offers both Gifted & Talented and Learning Support programs.  No entrance exams are required.


Stage 1 - Submit Application


The first stage of the Enrolment Process is submitting the Application to Enrol form.  Application to Enrol forms can be submitted from birth onwards.


  • To place your child on the Wait List, as a minimum, please send in the completed Application to Enrol form, together with the Application Fee ($220). 


  • For urgent Enrolments (within 24 months), please also send the required documentation that is found on Page 3 of the Application to Enrol form, (such as School Reports, Medical Information, References etc) at the time of the initial Application to Enrol form.


  • For future Enrolments (beyond 24 months; ie Year 7 2025 etc), only the Application to Enrol Form, Application Fee, References and Birth Certificate are required at the time of initial Application. The remainder of the Enrolment documentation becomes due at the commencement of the Enrolment Process for the particular year desired. For example, the Year 7 Enrolment Process commences 2 years prior to the desired date of entry, and therefore, the remainder of the Enrolment documentation for Year 7 2025 (for eg) will be due in 2023.


Prior to submitting an Application to Enrol form, families are welcome to Request a Prospectus or Tour the School. Please note though, that these steps are not necessary in order to submit an Application to Enrol form.


Stage 2 - Enrolment Interview


The second stage of the Enrolment Process is participating in an Enrolment Interview (subject to availability). In general, Enrolment Interviews occur at the following times:


  • Cottage (Pre-School): Approximately 18 months in advance
  • Kindergarten: Approximately 24 months in advance
  • Year 7: Approximately 24 months in advance
  • Years 1 - 6: Approximately 6 months in advance (During Term 3 of the year prior)
  • Years 8 - 11: Approximately 6 months in advance (During Term 3 of the year prior)


In order to be considered for an Enrolment Interview, all Enrolment documentation needs to have been received, including copies of School Reports, Medical Information and References etc.


Enrolment Interviews are conducted, in the majority of cases, in Date of Application order. However, please note that Date of Application'is only one of the Enrolment Criteria used to review Applications, and in some cases, other criteria is used to determine the scheduling of an Enrolment Interview.


Depending on the demand for a particular Year group, it is not always a guarantee that each applicant progress to the second stage of the Enrolment process or participate in an Enrolment Interview.


Stage 3 - Offer of Enrolment

Subject to a successful Enrolment Interview, and to availability at the time, it is possible for an Offer of Enrolment to be made. Families then usually have 2 - 3 weeks to either accept of decline the Offer. A non-refundable Acceptance Fee (Junior School Acceptance is $1500; Senior School Acceptance is $2000) is paid to secure the place.


Once a place is secured, Orientation Information is sent in the Term prior to commencement. 


Participating in an Enrolment Interview is not a guarantee of an Offer of Enrolment being made. 


Enrolment Enquiries

For Enrolment Enquiries for potential entry in 2019 or beyond, please contact:



Request a Prospectus

For an easy way to request a Prospectus, complete the online Request form below. Alternatively, Prospectus enquiries can be sent to

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Book a Tour

We understand that choosing a school for your child is a very important decision. With this in mind, we invite you to join us, by appointment, on a Tour of the School.


A tour will provide you with the opportunity to experience a ‘morning in the life of a St Luke's student' and enable you to ask any questions that you may have.


Due to high demand - and in lieu of Open Days - the St Luke's School Tours are conducted regularly during term time. Please see the available Tour dates in the drop-down menus below.

For Bayview Tours
 - All Bayview Tours (Junior) commence at 9.15 am from the Main Reception at the Bayview Campus, and last approximately 90 minutes. The Main Reception of the Bayview Campus is located through the front carpark at 1977 Pittwater Road Bayview, and up the stairs.

For Dee Why Tours
 - All Dee Why Tours (Junior and Senior) commence at 9.15 am from the Main Reception at the Dee Why Campus and last approximately 90 minutes. The Main Reception of the Dee Why Campus is located via the pedestrian gates at 210 Headland Road Dee Why, up the stairs and through the first set of doors on the right.

Bookings are ESSENTIAL and can be done online (below).


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