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  • On Being a Leader

    Posted On 16 March, 2018

    Leadership is about lots of different things. It’s not about being in charge of everyone or speaking in assembly and having a shiny badge with a title. Leadership is encouraging others to do their very best, putting students before myself to give them the best school experience possible.


    You have to lead by example because there is always someone watching what you do and how you do it and to be a leader you get the honour of inspiring students and having an effect on everyone. As a Community, I want to make sure everyone feels included in everything. I will aim to get everyone's ideas on things and make decisions as a School. I am sure everyone from Bayview and Dee Why will leave a legacy of amazing leadership behind.   


    Submitted by: Chloe Robinson, Bayview Junior School Co-Captain


    Sometimes we can see leaders in today’s society taking advantage of their job. The way I see it is a bit different. I hope I can take this as a chance to help others and make everyone feel welcome at our School. I promise to be the best I can be at all times. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask me, I'm open! When fundraisers and events come around I will try to do the best of my abilities to make them fun and enjoyable for everyone. Collaborating with others well is a big part of leadership! I hope to be able to collaborate with everyone I work with over the year. Thank you for this opportunity.  


    Submitted by: Sienna Wilson, Dee Why Junior School Co-Captain