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  • Equipping children and young people to make good choices

    Posted On 16 January, 2017

    I recently attended a concert and heard Missy Higgins singing The Special Two. In the song she is filled with regret. The lyrics are: “When you are young you have this image of your life…that you'll be scrupulous and make boundaries you'd never dream to cross…If you happen to [cross them] you wake up completely lost." It was a reminder that our choices and the establishing of boundaries really matters.

    Our challenge as parents and educators is to equip the children and young people we are responsible for to make good choices, and to establish boundaries that will help them live lives which are meaningful and free from regrets. This is done by helping them to understand that the daily choices they make create habits, strengthen their boundaries and lead to the formation of character.

    At the heart of Learning@STLUKE'S is the formation of character by strengthening dispositions which promote learning and create good habits. It is our responsibility to help move children and young people from the external locus of control to the internal locus of control which is part of maturity.

    However, it is inevitable that children and young people will make mistakes. Within the song there was a sense of despair and there was no forgiveness or way back. The Christian message which shapes our School is one of forgiveness and a fresh start. There is no boundary that a young person has crossed that excludes them from being forgiven. By understanding that restoration is about our relationship with God allows us to give our students an understanding that they can be forgiven, they can make a fresh start and they can be part of the work of restoration in the world by living lives of grace, humility, compassion and justice.

    Jann Robinson, Principal