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  • L@SL: Real-Time Preparation for COVID-19 Learning

    Posted On 13 May, 2020

    L@SL: Real-Time Preparation for COVID-19 Learning

    Jann Robinson  |  Principal  |  Assembly Message 12 May 2020


    COVID-19 has changed everything. It has changed big things and little things. I now know how I should wash my hands if I want them to be really clean. Not just the time needed  but how to systematically clean every crevice.


    Things I have been noticing. I have noticed the scientists who are working towards developing a vaccine or a treatment for COVID-19. In particular, they are asking numerous questions and trying to determine if they can link this virus to other viruses and other treatments. They are trying a variety of ideas and they are, despite the setbacks, keeping on going. They don’t see failure of one idea as a reason to give up. They are collaborating with each other and not holding onto their own discoveries, but sharing them as they try to find an answer as fast as they safely can.


    The other thing I am noticing is that schools are suddenly realising that students in this new world of Off-Campus Learning need to be resilient and resourceful. They are asking how can they help students become like this, because it isn’t necessarily that students are naturally resilient and resourceful.


    But fortunately, the students of St Luke’s have had the building of resilience and resourcefulness at the heart of their learning for the past six years. This is the bread and butter of an education at St Luke’s. Building the students' resilience and resourcefulness has been front and centre of learning. Students learn the specific dispositions needed to be resilient learners and resourceful learners. The School continually encourages students to continue to grow and develop their learning dispositions, to lean into them and use them in every lesson and to lean on them in every part of their lives.


    COVID19 changed everything. What it didn’t change was our commitment to be making you not only resilient and resourceful learners but resilient and resourceful people.