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    Posted On 23 March, 2020

    Off-Campus Learning

    Jann Robinson, Principal  |  23 March 2020 


    Dear Parents and Carers,


    You would have heard the Premier’s statement this morning where she has recommended that parents keep their children at home if possible, while schools will remain open.


    In response to this, from Tuesday, St Luke’s will transition to Off-Campus Learning mode, which will commence on Thursday. We recommend that students remain at home where possible, but staff will be onsite to supervise students in the event that it is necessary for them to continue being at School. Whether at home, or at School, all students will be learning in “Off-Campus Learning” mode.


    Following is information detailing the transition:


    Monday 23 March 2020

    • [ ] The School will remain open as per usual, until the end of the day.
    • [ ] If your child(ren) will need to be at School, on any day from tomorrow, for the remainder of Term 1, it is critical that you advise the School as soon as possible so that the School can determine the numbers of students that require supervision.


    Tuesday 24 March and Wednesday 25 March 2020

    • [ ] For students at home: These are preparation days, enabling students to organise their learning spaces and resources and prepare for Off-Campus Learning.
    • [ ] For students at School: Students will need to arrive at the usual time, dressed in full School Uniform. These two days will also be preparation days, where students will be supervised and assisted in their preparations for commencing their learning (from School) in “Off-Campus Learning” mode.


    Thursday 26 March 2020 (ongoing)

    • [ ] For students at home: Off-Campus Learning will commence. Students need to remember that they need to be in learning mode and to follow their normal morning routine, including getting up at the usual time, getting dressed into either their Sport Uniform or smart casual, and being ready to log on at 8.30 am.
    • [ ] For students at School: Students need to arrive at the usual time, dressed in full School Uniform, ready to commence learning from 8.30 am. Students will be allocated a single desk which will be their designated learning area. They will be supervised in small groups. Their mode of learning will be the same as that being undertaken by those students who are learning from home. 



    • [ ] Year 11 & Year 12: A letter will be sent to all Year 11 and Year 12 students and their families, outlining the arrangements for Assessment Tasks for the remainder of this term. 
    • [ ] School Canteen: For those at School, the Canteen will still be available for online lunch orders. There will however, be no over the counter service at Recess or at Lunch time. For those who will be at home, we remind parents to please cancel any pre-ordered Flexischools meals.
    • [ ] Music Ensembles: All music ensembles will be cancelled from Tuesday 24 March onwards. For those students who receive private tuition, their Music Tutor’s will be in contact with them individually, to outline the procedure for tuition going forward.
    • [ ] Sport Training: All sport training will be cancelled from Tuesday 24 March, onwards.
    • [ ] School Gym: The Gym will be closed for all students and staff, from Tuesday 24 March, onwards.


    Again, I would like to assure parents that the students remain our priority and that the staff at St Luke’s are working behind the scenes to ensure that the students continue to learn and that they continue to feel connected and supported.


    With my prayers,


    Jann Robinson