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  • Students Surf to School

    Posted On 27 May, 2016

    Philippa Yeandle and Joshua Garrett  |  Junior School House Captains

    On the Friday 13th of May, St Luke’s Grammar Junior School held a Surf to School Day. On the day, students had the opportunity to come to school in outfits that they would wear to the beach. Crazy sunnies, wacky hats and colourful shirts and boardies were worn. The Junior School Captains hosted the day and put on a range of fun games and activities such as ‘air surfing,’ thong throwing and pin the surfer on the board.


    The inspiration for this day came from Ethan Dodson. Last year he sent a letter to our Head of Junior School, Mr Adam Lear, requesting that Year 6 2016 choose ‘Waves 4 Water’ for their charity fundraising. One of his friends, 10 year-old Winter Vincent, came up with the idea of holding Surf to School Days all around the world as a fun way for students to support ‘Waves 4 Water’. Winter is a keen surfer on the Northern Beaches. When he was nine years old, he went surfing in Indonesia and noticed how many local people did not have access to clean water. He decided he wanted to fix this and since then he has been working with Waves 4 Water to provide water filters to these communities.


    Winter is now an ambassador for Surf to School Day. We were delighted to have him come to the school to talk in the 3-6 assembly. He gave a demonstration of how the water filters he uses in Indonesia function. A very simple filter can make a big difference to people around the world that only have contaminated water available.


    Surf to School Day was a fantastic opportunity for the Junior school leadership team to plan, organise and run the day's events. It was a very valuable learning experience and we certainly improved our problem solving skills. Altogether, the school raised $1,000 for this very worthwhile charity.


    I was delighted by the fact that we could have fun while supporting a great cause.
    I was moved by Winter’s story and was inspired that someone so young could achieve something so great.

    Philippa Yeandle  |  Macarthur House Captain