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  • Showing Kindness to those on the Front Lines

    Posted On 01 April, 2020

    Showing Kindness to those on the Front Lines

    Tim H  |  Year 6


    I set up my home-learning space by using my mum's desk and putting all my books to the side to have a big working space. I am looking forward to being able to wake up and not having to spend that much time getting ready for School.


    A few challenges would be, not having teachers help immediately and managing my distractions like food and TV. I'm going to be resilient if I'm stuck, I will not give up and I'll ask for help from my peers online, my family or teachers.


    I will show kindness by helping my friends if they are stuck and by not being selfish. I will also show kindness to my three siblings and my Mum who are also working at home by helping out around the house. But I am going to be most kind to my Dad because he is working in the hospital and I will try to think of some good activities that I can do with him to thank him… as well as make him lots of cups of tea!