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  • The importance of finishing well

    Posted On 24 October, 2016

    At the end of last Term, Year 12 finished their formal schooling. The days leading up to their leaving were filled with reflection, gratitude and a sense of anticipation. The work they had done to support their charity, Cure My Brain, saw the students run a successful Theme Day. The students raised more than $10,000 over the year. The culture of service to others is the culture that has existed in Year 12 cohorts for the past 12 years. It is a culture which has seen our students embrace “making a difference in the world" and it is part of the School's focus on finishing well.


    I write this because of the events at the end of last term, where the traditional idea of a muck up day led to the injury of one of our younger students. While this injury was not caused by any of the St Luke's students, it was reported both locally and nationally as though it had occurred because we hold a muck up day. I want to defend the good name of our students who are young men and young women committed to serving others.


    The importance of finishing well is one which I am re-visiting with the School as we start the Term. It is always easier to start well than it is to finish well. Students return to the beginning of a new term refreshed and ready to face the challenges. They have often made resolutions over the holidays about how they are going to approach their learning and they are keen to commence. However, the reality of the Term can mean that, as tiredness or disappointment settle in, then the good intentions can be lost.


    What does finishing well look like?


    In many ways it will look like starting well. It will be marked by staying focused, not losing heart and doing one's best to the end. This is particularly important for those students who will be finishing their schooling with us at the end of this term. It can be easy to not make an effort when your focus is on a different future. Nevertheless, it is a sign of depth of character to stay committed to the present and to finishing well.


    Within the Christian faith there are many exhortations to continue in the faith with an acknowledgement that beginning in the faith can be relatively easy but continuing and finishing well is much harder. In encouraging our students to finish well, we are developing in them the ability to make and keep commitments.