St Lukes Grammar School


Values & Aims

Why Choose St Luke's

St Luke's Grammar School is an independent Anglican, co-educational school, with two Campuses on Sydney's Northern Beaches. One Campus is located in Dee Why (Pre-K to Year 12) and a second Campus is located in Bayview (Pre-K to Year 6). The School provides a leading edge educational experience for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.


St Luke's aims to be a School that provides a:

  1. Solid Christian Foundation
  2. Strong focus on Learning Excellence
  3. Steadfast commitment to Student Welfare


Families choose St Luke's because they place value in their child attending a local and reputable mid-size School that seeks to provide small school individualised student focused learning, with larger school co-curricular opportunities, experiences and results.


The School's vision is equipping students to make a difference in the world.


It is the School's desire for its graduates to be people who are service-orientated and who can be an influence for good in their lives and chosen careers beyond the school gate.




School Aims


St Luke's Grammar School aims to be a School that provides a:

  1. Solid Christian Foundation … (read more)
  2. Strong focus on Learning Excellence   … (read more)
  3. Steadfast commitment to Student Welfare   ... (read more)

Student Numbers & Location


'School Readiness' Pre-School Programs


  • Bayview Campus – Taylor Cottage Program (Pre-School): The Bayview Campus currently runs a 5-Day 'School Readiness' Pre-School program and two 3-Day 'School Readiness' Pre-School programs (Monday - Wednesday, or Wednesday - Friday). On each day, approximately 20 children are in attendance. Each class has a lead teacher and a teacher’s aide.


  • Dee Why Campus - Cottage Program (Pre-School): From 2019, the Dee Why Campus will also provide a new 5-Day 'School Readiness' Pre-School program, in addition to continuing the two 3-Day 'School Readiness' programs.  In Cottage, there are 40 students across each Year group. Each class has a lead teacher and a teacher's aide. 


Junior School - Kindergarten to Year 6


  • Junior School, Bayview Campus – Kindergarten to Year 6: With current demand indicating future growth, it is projected that Kindergarten to Year 6, will have 2 classes per year group, with approximately 52 students across the Year. Currently there is 1 class per Year group, with approximately 20 – 26 students per class.


  •  Junior School, Dee Why Campus - Kindergarten to Year 6: 2 classes, with approximately 52 students across each Year group.


Senior School - Year 7 to Year 12


  • Senior School, Dee Why Campus – Years 7 to 12: From 2018, Year 7 will increase to approximately 125 across the Year group, comprising of 5 classes of approximately 25 students per class.  In Years 9 & 10, with the introduction of Electives, it is not unusual for class sizes to reduce to 18 – 24 students per class, with more subjects on offer across each time slot.  In Years 11 & 12, it is usual for most classes to be between 8 – 18 students per class in most subject areas.



Approximately 99% of St Luke's students live on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Thus, the School provides brothers and sisters the opportunity for shared educational experiences in a co-educational setting and enables local families to make a balanced lifestyle choice in minimising travel for their children.


On Co-Education


A co-educational learning environment provides students with the opportunity to study together and to have mutually respectful relationships modelled and encouraged.


Students leave the school knowing how to manage themselves in the world of study and work, where both women and men can occupy positions of authority.


Our students learn to value diversity and to interact naturally and healthily with one another, which allows them to take their place confidently in a co-educational world.


The Future



In June 2016, the Anglican Schools Corporation announced that Loquat Valley Anglican School would become the new Bayview Junior School campus of St Luke’s Grammar School.


St Luke’s offer of a guaranteed placement is available for all Bayview campus students leaving the School at the end of Year 6, provided that they meet St Luke’s enrolment conditions as stated on the St Luke’s website. The student must be enrolled at the beginning of Year 5 at the Bayview Campus to be offered this guaranteed placement.


In addition, recent purchases of the iconic Fitness First and Officeworks buildings on adjacent Pittwater Rd mean that the School is well placed for future Northern Beaches prominence. Plans are underway for the life of the School in the 2020's and beyond, with an emphasis on providing a place for the whole community to come together and building partnerships with world class education providers.

Solid Christian Foundation

The School's Motto is "Christ our Light".


St Luke's aims to nurture and educate young people in accordance with the doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney.


The School, while an Anglican school, enrols students from many different denominations. The demand for St Luke's continues to increase, as families choose the School because of its welcoming, inclusive and service-oriented culture.


As an Anglican School, St Luke's strives to be an inclusive community that treats each person as important because they are made in the image of God. The School adopts an intellectual rigor to all subjects and also to the study of the Christian faith. Students are encouraged to bring an open and critical mind and to understand the rich heritage of Christianity. The Bible is the foundation and students are taught from it. The Christian life of the School, experienced in Chapel and in the community, seeks to be one of restoration, through grace, compassion, justice and humility.


Weekly Christian Events

All students attend a weekly Chapel service and a Christian Studies lesson, which provide opportunities to learn about the nature and purpose of God and to explore a personal relationship with Jesus. 


Optional Opportunities

Each week a voluntary group meets where students can explore their questions. The School also supports holiday camps run by Crusaders and Anglican Youth Works.


Christianity in the Community

 Outside the classroom, students are encouraged to be involved with activities of community service and social welfare that reflect Jesus Christ's model of love for our neighbours both near and far.


Students have many opportunities to be involved in mission trips. Past trips have been to the Watoto Mission in Uganda and currently, Year 10 students have the opportunity to work with communities in Fiji. In addition, all students in Year 9 participate in the partnership program with Arranounbai School, Allambie Heights as well as local aged care facilities.


Other community service opportunities include working with the NBI Disabled Basketball program, and raising funds and working with many charity groups, including Anglicare and World Vision.


Strong Focus on Learning Excellence

Learning excellence at St Luke’s is achieved through the School’s focus on learning.


With a mission to provide a high quality education within a learning community which values life-long learning, St Luke’s aims to develop students as independent, responsible learners.


Students set academic goals, and reflect upon their learning strategies and progress in order to achieve their goals.


T & L Framework

The Learning@STLUKE'S Teaching & Learning Framework, with the learning dispositions of Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity, Resilience and Restoration, underpins the development of student learning capacity and facilitates the equipping of students to make a difference in the world and successfully meet the challenges of the 21st Century beyond the school gate.  (For more information, please refer to the Learning Philosophy Tab on this website)


St Luke’s dedicated and experienced staff prepare and deliver high quality teaching and learning programs which engage students, meeting the content and skills required of the NESA syllabuses while simultaneously developing learning dispositions to optimise academic success.

Steadfast Commitment to Student Welfare

The health and well-being of all students is central to the mission of St Luke's.


Research shows that students who are happy and well connected at school, tend to find schooling more purposeful, are more resilient and more successful. St Luke's offers a range of age-appropriate activities to proactively promote effective relationship building, community connection and emotional well-being, and which involve the nurture of the whole child - physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.



Student Welfare Structure

The School has established student welfare structures to encourage students in positive endeavour and to discourage students from, and educate them about, inappropriate behaviour.


Student welfare is managed in both Junior School campuses by the respective Heads of Junior School, assisted by the Stage Co-ordinators, and in the Senior School, by the Head of Senior School, who is assisted by the Year Co-ordinators.


Class & Pastoral Care Teachers

A high level of care is achieved for all students through the Pastoral Care system. In Years Cottage to 6, the class teachers take this responsibility. In Years 7 to 12, a Pastoral Care teacher is allocated to between 12 - 16 students, with whom they meet each day and over whom they have general oversight.


School Counsellors

Across both campuses, the School employs two qualified psychologists, whose provide on-site support for students, liaise with outside counsellors and agencies, and provide advice to staff on the management to help the students they are seeing.


School Chaplaincy

The Christian foundation of the School is pivotal to Student Welfare programs, as at the core of the Christian message is the knowledge that there is a God that loves and values each student, which is hoped, in turn leads to greater self confidence and self esteem.  


Peer Support & Buddies

In order to live the School vision of Equipping students to make a difference in the world, St Luke's seeks to provide opportunities for students to look out for those who are younger or less able than themselves.


Therefore, there are various structures in place to facilitate older students helping younger students, such as the Year 11 Peer Support Leadership program which sees Year 11 students teamed up with incoming Year 7 students to welcome, support and assist in their transition to high school. Similarly, at both Junior School campuses buddy program are in place. 


At the Bayview campus, Years 5 and 6 students act as buddies for Cottage and Kindergarten students and all students participate in a multi-aged peer support program that helps them to develop friendship and communication skills.


At the Dee Why campus, Year 5 students are buddies to the Kindergarten students. Many other opportunities also occur throughout the school day, which encourage students to be more aware of the needs of others.