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  • 2021 Year 11 Bundanon Art Camp

    Posted On 31 March, 2021

    Wombats, skulls, green pastures, Artur Boyd studio, drawing en plein air, delicious food and absolutely no reception. Yes, you guessed it! We are talking about the Year 11 Visual Arts Camp to Bundanon Trust and the Artur Boyd Homestead in Illaroo.


    The gorgeous countryside created an excellent backdrop for sketching and getting comfortable with the loose approach to pen, ink and watercolour drawing. The camp encouraged us to be resourceful as we learnt to adapt to the use of a range of mediums, as well as persevere exploring techniques that we were not necessarily already comfortable with. We were presented with an opportunity to fine-tune techniques by observing the natural landscape, rather than what we often do - look images up online. Hearing nothing but the sounds of the wind, birds, and our pens scratching away at the surface of the paper, we were mesmerized and completely absorbed in our drawing process.



    Through a tour of Arthur Boyd’s home and studio, we were taken back in history by reflecting on his life, amazed by the significance of his contribution to the Australian cultural capital. We learnt about Boyd’s family and their artworks as well, and we considered the way artists capitalise on their childhood memories and experiences to create their own approach to practice.



    Bundanon Art Camp was a wonderful encounter with nature and art. It has filled us with new aspirations and given us memories we will not easily forget. With our thoughts consumed by all that we are aiming to accomplish at school, the camp gave us a moment of stillness and renewal. We travelled back home on the bus with the camp memories feeling like a beautiful dream; one which we hope to hold onto for a long time.


    - Year 11 Visual Arts Students