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  • A Love of Languages

    Posted On 30 April, 2021

    A Love of Languages: Student Success 

    Giselle Enlund | St Luke's Grammar School Student



    Last year students in Australia and overseas participated in the Assessment of Languages Competence program. Students who scored the highest mark in both listening and reading for each of the languages offered were awarded the Top Achievement Award, receiving an medal and certificate. 


    Giselle Enlund in Year 11 scored the highest amongst all students who completed the ALC Chinese Level 3.


    I have grown up speaking both English and Swedish at home as well as studying Chinese at school. I also briefly studied French on the side. I love learning languages because it provides me with insight and access to different cultures. Learning a language isn’t linear but it is constant, and a lot of it extends beyond the classroom. It comes with so many practical advantages- for instance, being able to watch movies without subtitles, read menus, or even just engaging in conversation with someone in their native language.


    However, it also carries a humbling aspect in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of world culture. I have chosen to study two languages for Stage 6; Chinese and Swedish. Aside from my general interest in these subjects, I believe these languages will reward me with ample opportunities after finishing school in an increasingly globalised world. 


    - Giselle Enlund, Year 11