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  • Combined Campus Debating Day

    Posted On 14 August, 2020

    Combined Campus Debating Day

    Aden R | Year 4 | Grammar News | 14th August 2020


    Last Wednesday 5 August, Year 4 Bayview went over to the Dee Why Campus to attend a Debating Workshop. When we arrived Mr Lear (from Dee Why) had a big talk to us about the introduction to Debating and introduced us to the structure of debating and the different roles. Our first question from Mr Lear was: What You Want To Know. Some kids wrote down, what are rebuttals, what if you agree with the same topic? The best thing was that we got to visit the new building, we all thought it looked awesome!


    When there was no space to sit on the desks the Year 4 Blue and Gold brought out the Zendesks. Zendesks are little tables that you can use to write when you sit on the floor. To be honest, I was feeling a bit hungry a minute before Recess! When we had finished eating, all the Bayview boys started playing touch footy with the Dee Why boys. It was a fun and exciting game. Then the Bayview girls collaboratively played their own game of touch footy with the Dee Why girls, and to me, it looked like they were having a lot of fun.


    After Recess, we split into our debating groups and put down some ideas from the topic, which was ('All Children Should Choose Their Own Subjects'). My teacher was Mrs Pillinger. We all tried to pitch in with our ideas. I was negative because if that person only focuses on one subject, all their other subjects will not be as good. At lunchtime, we changed the teams for our touch footy teams so we could work with other people to score tries.


    After lunch, we played a fun debating game to finish off the day at Dee Why Campus. The game was called the Umm game.  The rules were that an extremely brave person had to talk about a certain topic for as long as they could without having any pauses or saying the word ‘um.' The person that could talk about the topic for the longest time wins! We had a couple of brave students from Bayview.


    To finish the day, we all wrote down what we learned during our time at the workshop. It was great learning about rebuttals. I hope our classroom could have Zendesks one day. Then we walked down to the bus and headed back to Bayview. My favourite part of the day was the Umm game. Going to Dee Why was a great experience to practice our public speaking. I look forward to our next Debating Workshop where we will be participating in a real debate.