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  • Critical Thinking in the Context of LEARNING@STLUKE'S

    Posted On 13 November, 2020

    Critical Thinking in the Context of LEARNING@STLUKE'S

    Mrs Alma Loreaux | Dean of Learning | Grammar News | 13 November 2020


    At the recent AIS (Australian Independent Schools) Masterclass Series workshop, Adam Kuss from the University of Queensland delivered a keynote on Building a Culture of Critical Thinking in Schools in an Era of Disruption. Adam talked about the opportunity we have had in this ambiguous time of disruption where we have had a cause to really stop and think. He articulated that when faced with challenges, we need to engage our reasoning and work towards establishing a culture where individuals are invited to contribute and think through problems together. Through this process, Adam explained, we are helping to shape the culture of critical thinking. Reasoning, questioning, planning, collaborating, interdependence are just some of the dispositional characteristics that are contributing to developing learners’ capacity to think critically (Cook, Ellerton & Kinkead, 2018).


    Through our LEARNING@STLUKE’S Framework students and teachers are able to apply deliberate ways of learning and thinking in every classroom. We value the learning process and the ongoing reflections and dialogue about how our students are learning, or more specifically, how they are thinking and co-creating knowledge and understanding. Over the past couple of weeks, in their Professional Learning Groups, all of our teachers have been sharing ideas and reflecting on the ways we can strengthen students’ learning behaviours, as well as and teachers’ approach to practice. We have been discussing the idea of coherence across our School in terms of our cultural norms and routines that provide an environment where learning habits are cultivated. 



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    Cook, John, Ellerton, Peter & Kinkead, Dave (2018). Deconstructing climate misinformation to identify reasoning errors. Environmental Research Letters, 13 2: 024018. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/aaa49f.