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  • Cultivating a Resilient, Gritty Mindset

    Posted On 05 February, 2021

    Cultivating a Resilient, Gritty Mindset

    Mrs Alma Loreaux | Dean of Learning | Grammar News | 5 February 2021



    Welcome back to the school year!


    If your holidays were anything like mine, you might have found yourself with changed Christmas Day celebrations, plenty of time at home with our families, and possibly cancelled travel plans. As an eternal optimist, after the initial disappointment at the prospect of not being able to travel to Queensland and spend time with family and friends, I embraced the change. I noticed just how adaptable my 8-year old daughter was in the typical Generation Alpha way and the mindset that obstacles are meant to be overcome. Reflecting on this, I wondered about the year ahead for our students and their learning journey this year. How can we strengthen their capacities to learn how to learn, to continue to adapt to new situations, and to embrace challenges with resilience, yet with kindness and empathy?


    Term 1 brings us to a focus on Kindness and Resilience. 


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    We not only need to be deliberate in applying the instructional strategies expertise in the classroom, but we also need to be cultivating a Resilient, gritty mindset. Enabling such characteristics requires kindness, perseverance, absorption, capacity to manage distraction and notice nuances, patterns and details that one could easily overlook if we don’t pay attention close enough.


    Learning is a journey during which we can ‘fall down’ often and feel that getting up is the most difficult or impossible thing to do. The confidence and grit to do that may require small steps and a few tiny wins. If your child has returned to school, or just started a new grade, and is finding the initial learning journey somewhat challenging, we can continue to help them by providing opportunities for success through small and manageable steps. These will help to develop perseverance and a mindset that trying again and seeing accomplishment, no matter how big or small, will build grit and belief that they have the capacity to meet any obstacle.


    You may have guessed that over the holiday break and returned to reading Angela Duckworth’s book ‘Grit’ and a few research articles by Albert Bandura, such as ‘Cultivate self-efficacy for personal and organisational effectiveness (Bandura, 2017).


    Find out how ‘gritty’ you are by taking Duckworth’s Grit Scale Quiz.  


    Grit Book Angela Duckworth


    This year, our teachers are focusing on developing further expertise in effective instructional strategies that will enable each student to achieve mastery of learning at their own pace. We are exploring Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction and have been fortunate enough to engage in professional dialogue with Tom Sherrington, a leading educator and researcher from the UK.


    If you have any questions regarding our pedagogical model, please feel free to contact me:   Alma Loreaux - 


    Bandura, A. (2017). Cultivate Self‐efficacy for Personal and Organizational Effectiveness. In The Blackwell Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behaviour, E.A. Locke (Ed.).