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    Posted On 01 October, 2016

    Sam Hurrell  |  Year 12, 2016 |  School Captain:


    One of the best things about St Luke’s is the approach to classroom learning.  That might sound strange, coming from a student, but, bare with me and I’ll explain. Only ten years ago, the concept of a child having a phone was unheard of and now it’s like sim cards come with a packet of breakfast cereal.  The dynamic learning program at St Luke's is reflective of this constant technologically adaptive environment we live in.


    Lessons can range from teacher driven learning to student driven learning, from individual work to group activities, from basic book work to multimedia presentations.  This dynamic style of learning has helped to develop all of us into not just flexible, well rounded students but also well rounded people; who are able to cope with consistent changes that seems to define today's world.  


    I also really like the fact that St Luke's smaller class sizes, ranging from my largest class of Economics, just 25 students all the way down my Chemistry class of only 6.  The small classes allow teachers to help tailor the learning of each class to its students and help each student work at a level that is suitable to them.


    The co-ed learning environment at St Luke’s is definitely another positive aspect of the School.  I believe having the ability to work alongside different genders, is an instrumental part of learning.  Not only do I find that girls tend to have a different way of approaching problems but it also provides valuable experience for the workplace, beyond School, where it’s natural that we will be working alongside colleagues of both genders, we will be reporting to bosses of both genders and we will be relying on alliances and partnerships of people of both genders to help us to achieve our life goals.