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  • LEARNING@STLUKES: Year 6 Cross-Campus Camp

    Posted On 26 March, 2021

    LEARNING@STLUKES: Year 6 Cross-Campus Camp

    Emily E and Aram T | Bayview Junior School Captains | Grammar News | 26 March 2021



    In Week 8, Year 6 students from Bayview and Dee Why travelled to Port Hacking for an unforgettable and amazing Camp. The St Luke’s Camps are an important part of our School journey. Camps are always a great time of fun and friendship-building, but they also provide opportunities for us to use the LEARNING@STLUKE’S dispositions. We all had to stretch our learning muscles, both during the activities and in our free time, to maximise these terrific experiences. Even though we were tired, we still exercised our learning muscles to make sure that we, and the people around us, had the most fun possible.


    Many of the activities were designed for students to collaborate with each other. Collaboration helped us with going through the set of tasks and overcoming them as a team. It helped us to keep a positive language amongst the group, and to keep going on. During the pool raft building activity, we had to build our raft with three types of knots that we learned from the instructor. At first, we had some difficulties because we had too many ideas. But by working together as a group, we sorted out which idea we should use. We thought about what would be the best option for our raft to float and decided together how to build it successfully. Some of the knots were difficult, so those students who were good at tying knots completed that part. The raft actually floated! Collaboration undoubtedly helped us with lots of tasks, as we got to know the strengths of our fellow students. 


    Activities were tricky at times, but we all tried our best to stay positive and keep listening to the guides. Perseverance helped us to keep going even when the going got tough and made sure that we participated all the way to the end. Climbing the walls and ropes took guts but we all had a go at it and didn’t give up. Even those who were nervous tried it out and were left begging for more turns at the end. Our Resilience muscles really helped us in the activities and I was so thankful that I was able to use them!


    Kindness was another disposition that got stretched during Camp. Students had to show kindness in all activities. Students were careful of each other, helped each other and encouraged others by giving positive compliments. Kindness helped us with confidence to tackle challenges like abseiling. 


    It was interesting to see how what we learn about learning in the classroom is also of great use outside the classroom. Each time we had to participate in a new activity or challenge our learning dispositions were stretched and tested. Camp provided a great opportunity not only to build friendships across the Campuses but also allowed us to grow as learners and as people.