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  • My Hope for the Students

    Posted On 26 June, 2020

     My Hope for the Students

     Mrs Jann Robinson | Principal | Grammar News 26 June 2020


    It has been a busy week in the School. Last week the K to Year 12 Assembly acknowledged 28 students who have progressed through from Kindergarten to Year 12, at either the Bayview or Dee Why Campus. I reflected with the students on having watched them grow from 5-year olds to young adults. I also wondered how deeply they have been shaped by being educated within the context of the one philosophy. What I hope for them, and all students, is that they will have been challenged to think about what really is the “good life." Within the intellectual traditions, the “good life” refers to a life that has meaning, purpose and hope. Different philosophers speculate on it and explore the tension between individualism and the common good. 


    I am currently reading, Journey to the Common Good by Walter Brueggemann, a well-respected theologian. He argues that the current narrative that we live with in the world is one of scarcity, which motivates us to work hard and shore up resources for ourselves, so that we 'have enough.'  Whereas, the Biblical narrative is one of abundance, where God meets our material needs which frees us to be generous and to look to the needs of others. I share this with you because it is my hope that our students have been touched and shaped by this second narrative, and they will be people who will make a difference in the world.


    Over the past two weeks, I have been into every classroom and been farewelled by each Year group. I have enjoyed my classroom visits in both Junior Schools where I have been asked hard questions, played a KAHOOT, read stories, had songs sung to me, had my portrait done and been asked to join in with learning activities. The Year Meetings in the Senior School have been very moving. Year 7’s songs and rap, Year 8’s challenging me to see if I know L@SL better than they do (I did),  Year 9’s re-writing of The Wizard of Oz with all the L@SL dispositions, Year 10’s 'Mrs Robinson’s 5 R’s' ( renovator, risk-taker, reader, recreationist and retiree), Year 11’s account of the places I will go and Year 12’s combined singing of a song they had re-written the lyrics of made me realise how they have listened to me over the years.  I have received beautiful and thoughtful gifts including from Year 10 a quilt made from all the School Uniforms. All of these things have been very moving, and as I told the students, “Principals aren’t supposed to cry in public” as they stood on the balconies singing happy birthday.


    I can’t express how blessed I have been in my years at St Luke’s. As I think back over the years, I know that just as I have hoped to have an influence in the lives of the young people who have been part of the School, I too have been influenced by them. They have kept me connected with change and sharpened my thinking. What will give me continued joy into the future is knowing that these young people have had the opportunity to be part of a Christian community where they have responded to the invitation “to come and see that the Lord is good” and respectfully engaged with it. They are being equipped to go out and make a difference in the world.


    Thank you, St Luke’s students, parents and staff for all you have been to me. My prayer for the students is that they will continue to grow to be the women and men God has created them to be, and for the parents and staff, that you will have wisdom and grace to shape your lives with the story of abundance.