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  • Preparation... And Even Better Preparation!

    Posted On 21 March, 2018


    It’s a word I know that we hear a lot at St Luke’s, but what does it really mean? And why is it so important?


    To prepare: “To make ready beforehand for some purpose, use or activity


    Athletes do it. Sports teams do it. Professional speakers do it. Musicians do it. Successful students do it.


    It’s not always fun. In fact, preparation may seem quite horrible - the hours and hours of preparation you do for school may drag on and on and on, and sometimes it might not feel like you are making progress. And yet, success seemingly comes from preparation. And if you are anything like me, the amount of preparation you do for that in class topic test, or upcoming assessment task, may not always be as much as you had originally hoped to do!  But, what do you stand to gain from preparation?


    Well an article from C Hub magazine lists three things:


    *start folding airplane*


    1. It helps you to START WELL – because when you prepare well, starting well is easy, because you have already started
    2. It helps you understand the things you NEED to and things you don’t need to do
    3. It highlights the STRENGTHS and weaknesses you have in regard to something.


    But surely there is more to it? Well you are right! It is one thing to prepare yourself, but you must also ensure you prepare well.


    An example would be that I just fashioned this paper airplane while speaking to all of you, as you can tell, my mind was not solely on fashioning this fragile flyer. But before I continue I must welcome a good friend of mine to the stage, the man who came to me with this very speech idea – Stephen Philips.


    Stephen has also constructed a plane.  The difference is – mine took a few seconds to prepare, while he prepared for many minutes - maybe even 20 - to fashion the best flying machine this school has ever seen.


    I am going to get him to throw the one I made, remember, with minimal preparation and then the one he made with preparation to see which one wins.


    As you can clearly see, preparation is vital to the success of whatever it is you hope to succeed at. But not just preparation, as I touched on before, you need good, focused preparation as well.  I technically ‘prepared’ a paper airplane but it wasn’t very good, and this is because:


    1. I wasn’t focused on my preparation
    2. I didn’t allow myself enough time


    Be like Stephen and prepare and plan and persevere through challenges and I guarantee, you will find yourself smashing barriers you thought you would never conquer.


    Kyle Williams, School Co-Captain