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  • Reconciliation Week 2020

    Posted On 05 June, 2020

    Reconciliation Week 2020

    Alice S | Year 5


    This past week from Wednesday 27 May until Wednesday 3 June was National Reconciliation Week. Learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History and Culture and raising awareness is something we all could join in to be part of the reconciliation process.


    There are many elements of the LEARNING@STLUKE'S framework that can be included in this important week. Reconciliation means there is a restoration of friendly relationships between all Australians.  Reconciliation has elements of truth, justice, forgiveness, healing and love.  Supporting reconciliation means working to overcome the division and inequality between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.  There are currently considerable differences in health, income, living standards and life expectancy. 


    A friendship band can be used to raise cultural awareness particularly when they are gifted to others in Reconciliation Week. These bands can represent a symbol of friendship between the wearer and the Aboriginal people. Reconciliation Week friendship bands were created at St Luke’s by finger knitting three strands of red, yellow and black wool. The colours chosen are symbolic because the Aboriginal flag is a horizontal bicolour of black and red with a yellow disk in the centre.


    Included below is how to make these Reconciliation Week friendship bands.   Everyone is encouraged to get involved in this worthy cause and have a go making one;


    How to finger knit a Reconciliation Week Aboriginal Friendship Band:

    1. You need three strands of 40cm length black, red and yellow wool held tightly together in a straight line so they form a singular cord.
    2. Tie a slip knot near the end of the wool and slip it onto your index finger.
    3. Hold the loose end of the wool with your other three fingers.
    4. Wrap the wool over your finger to form a second loop in front of the first.
    5. Pull the first loop over the second and off your finger.
    6. Tug the ends of the wool to tighten the stitch.
    7. Repeat these steps to form a cord.
    8. It will take about 20 stitches to form a cord long enough to wrap around the wrist as a friendship band for a child.
    9. Leave a 4cm wool tie at the end of the cord to secure the band.