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  • Reflectiveness and Grace

    Posted On 16 October, 2020

    LEARNING@STLUKE'S Term 4 Focus: Reflectiveness and Grace

    Mrs Alma Loreaux | Dean of Learning | Grammar News | 16 October 2020


    During our recent Building Learning Character Day, teachers worked into designing lessons with the Reflectiveness Domain and Grace Disposition as a focus. We partnered with Bronwyn Ryrie Jones from Teaching Sprints for an informative learning session to continue our ongoing emphasis on developing expertise on effective feedback and evidence-informed approaches for providing high-quality feedback. 

    In order to support students as they learn to grow their capacities for planning, revising, distilling and meta-learning, teachers explored:
    ➔   core principles of effective feedback emerging from research
    ➔   methods for integrating feedback into regular everyday classroom teaching
    ➔   the links between classroom instruction and feedback
    ➔   human complexities of giving feedback
    ➔   techniques to support students to act on feedback

    We also explored ways we can bridge reflectiveness through feedback that is practised with grace. Brene Brown, in her book Dare to Lead, outlines the following list that we can lean on: 

    • I’m ready to sit next to you rather than across from you.
    • I’m willing to put the problem in front of us rather than between us (or sliding it toward you).
    • I’m ready to listen, ask questions, and accept that I may not fully understand the issue.
    • I want to acknowledge what you do well instead of picking apart your mistakes.
    • I recognize your strengths and how you can use them to address your challenges.
    • I can hold you accountable without shaming or blaming you.
    • I’m willing to own my part.
    • I can genuinely thank you for your efforts rather than criticize you for your failings.
    • I can talk about how resolving these challenges will lead to your growth and opportunity.
    • I can model the vulnerability and openness that I expect to see from you.


    We are encouraging students to consider how they are growing as learners who are motivated by grace. They are grateful for the present achievements, yet they also embrace challenges, seeing both as opportunities for reflection, new learning and growth.


    Reflectiveness Poster