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  • Sleep-Out Raises Funds for Shelter

    Posted On 30 July, 2018

    Sleep-Out Raises Funds for Shelter

    Written by Jessica Bridgland, Year 11


    Last month, St Luke’s students nibbled on Tim Tam’s, mastered self-defence and slept under the stars to raise awareness and funds for the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter. After hearing about the Rough Edges’ ‘Roughtober’ sleep-out that raises money to aid individuals who are homeless, St Luke’s students Claudia Hayman and Vicki Patapis organised a month-long initiative, with a plethora of activities, to raise funds for the Shelter.


    The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter is reliant on external funds to be able to provide a safe haven for up to 13 women at a time who are facing significant hardship.


    The main event of the month of fund raising activities was a Year 11 and 12 girls’ sponsored sleep-out and self-defence class. The sleep-out commenced with a fun yet informative ju jitsu lesson which raised our own understanding of the strength that women actually have to be able to stand up for themselves …  and also provided us with copious amounts of giggles! As the night continued, spirits were high, especially with dinner being a whole lot of pizza and Tim Tams, keeping everyone awake till late hours. Fortunately, the next morning, we were all able to re-energise and participate in a dance fitness class. A memorable and quite poignant part of the evening, was the serious and eye opening discussion about the realities of domestic abuse.  


    Other fund raising activities throughout the month included a school-wide ‘Tim Tam Slam’ (the Australian art of using one’s Tim Tam as a straw to drink hot chocolate) which was heartily supported by the students and teachers.  Students were also invited to bring in supplies of socks, pyjamas and luggage for the women in the shelter, with piles of these items growing as the Tim Tam stocks quickly depleted!


    The fund raising initiative finished with a talk from one of the managers of the Northern Beaches Womens’ Shelter, who provided us with a deeper understanding of the role of the shelter, and their mission to provide a safe place for women suffering from domestic violence, mental hardship, financial hardship or who are impacted by drug or alcohol struggles.