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  • The "Act of Kindness' Challenge

    Posted On 01 March, 2019

    This week's Senior Assembly message from our School Captains:  

    The "Act of Kindness" Challenge ... 


    I’d like to wish everyone a happy 'National Crab Stuffed Flounder’ day! The other week I realised that there are plenty of National celebration days for many things. Some people even have their own National celebration day. Imagine, you could have National “insert your own name” day, or what about, ‘National Mr Rogan’ day! I have actually found a new love for National celebration days. Did you know that this Friday is ‘National Cook a Sweet Potato’ day? There are honestly thousands of these days. There is literally more than one thing to celebrate Nationally every day. Whilst scrolling through all these ‘National’ days I was reminded of how much we have to be grateful for, and I would like to pass on that reminder to you. Because although some of the things to celebrate might be a bit funny, such as ‘National Hot Pastrami Sandwich’ day, we seriously do have that much to celebrate. I could stand up here for hours and list everything we have to be grateful for, although, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to just now! Anyways, whilst scrolling through this magnificent list I found that yesterday was ‘National Kind Act’ day. And I got to thinking, why can’t every day be ‘Kind Act’ day I mean, I don’t think we should be nasty for 364 days then make up for it by doing one kind act on the designated day! I genuinely think that is pathetic. I think that everyday should be ‘National Kind Act’ day and that there should be some form of effort put into being a kind person. I’m not saying that everyone Is mean and grumpy and sits at home thinking of ways to be the worst person possible. All I’m saying is that honestly, we could do better. We could do better to be nicer people.


    On that note I’m setting a challenge. Actually it’s more of a game. The game is going to run like this: everyone is going to walk out of this Hall today with the aim of completing an kind act by the end of the day. You could start by letting your parents know you love them and are grateful for everything they do; you could help your mum carrying the groceries; you could wash the car, walk the dog, help an old lady across the street, make sure a family of ducks don’t get hit by a car, tip the waiter, ask someone how their day is going. There is an extensive list for you to choose from. Once you’ve completed a kind act, come to me at school and say “mission accomplished”. Upon hearing the sweet sounds of those two words you will receive a very crisp high five. The ultimate aim of the game is that by the next time I come up to speak on this stage, I want to have a red hand covered in blisters from the amount of high fives I have given. Oh, and just spontaneously, If I see someone who has been noticeably kind and it isn’t staged, I might just buy them a Moosie. Yes, the stakes are high. But just to make that clear it cannot be staged - you can’t ‘on purpose’ trip someone over just to help them up in front of me and get a Moosie! IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT!


    Now at the start of the speech I mentioned all those National celebration days. And, on continuing on with the theme of gratitude, Claudia and I will once again, be handing out lolly snakes to anyone who writes down what they are grateful for on a sticky note. 


    Okay – is everyone ready?  The game is now on. It would be awesome if everyone could perform at least one kind act, by the end of the day! I look forward to all the high fives I will be giving tomorrow! Just think how amazing it would be if being kind was something we all did, every day of the year!