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  • The Power of Collaboration

    Posted On 16 March, 2018

    THE POWER OF TEAMWORK: When I think of how ants all work together to collect food and build nests, I realise that actually, nature can teach us a lot about the wonders of collaboration and working together. 


    Animals such as these remind me that if I can’t solve something on my own, it’s a good idea to go and ask other for help. And this doesn’t just apply to school life - it can also be working together to stand up for what is right at social events outside school, or perhaps to people that are being unkind to others. 


    It can also be asking your parents for help – I know that sometimes, we might think that our parents don't know about the things that we are facing in our teenage world today, but I encourage you to ask them, because if you do, you may find that they can actually help you! 


    It can be anything really. But to seek help from others and work in a team is very valuable and can help you and others out immensely.  And most of the time, people are happy to help, and through helping you, they will also benefit. 


    FROM THE CAPTAINS: This week's Blog submitted by Maya Berg, Year 12, 2018 School Captain