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  • HSC 3rd in State - Design & Technology

    Posted On 16 March, 2018

    St Luke’s would like to congratulate Natasha Bunton, Year 12, 2017 who has received outstanding results in the HSC, achieving 3rd in the State in Design & Technology.

    Natasha’s teacher, Ms Nikki Shires, has said the following about this amazing accomplishment …

    “I had the pleasure of teaching Natasha Bunton in Design & Technology. She was an exceptional student with drive and focus. Natasha’s major work was not only a showcase of an incredible amount of work and innovative thinking, but it also was meeting a genuine need. Her approach to her learning was inquisitive and critical which lends itself well to design thinking. Natasha set the bar high in class, moving beyond what was expected and took pleasure in truly understanding the concepts we addressed. I am not surprised she achieved 3rd in the State because her work ethic and commitment to her learning was outstanding. Congratulations to Natasha!

    Following is the text that accompanied her Major Project, which was exhibited at the St Luke’s Senior Showcase last August:

    New Pedestrian Crossing System: Poor night time visibility of pedestrians at zebra crossings is a global issue that effects the lives and health of many people. Every year globally approximately 270,000 pedestrians die from road related accidents. In Australia 1 in 7 people which are killed on the roads are pedestrians and more than a quarter of these deaths are between 5pm and 9pm. Natasha Bunton’s project is aimed to solve poor pedestrian visibility at zebra crossings in night time hours. Her inspiration for her project has come from her individual experiences as a learner driver and from the way in which this problem has impacted society. Natasha has used a variety of techniques to make this project including 3D printing, resin casting, vacuum forming and soldering to achieve her vision.

    Congratulations again to Natasha on such a wonderful achievement!