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  • NASSA Basketball Gala Day

    Posted On 26 February, 2021

    On Monday the 8th February, Year 5 and 6 students from our Dee Why and Bayview Campuses competed in the NASSA Basketball Gala Day. Tara and Angus have written a report on the day: 


    "Year 5 and 6 students, Jack, Aden, Giselle, Tahlia, Tara and Angus had to be at School at 6:45am on Monday morning.


    The six Bayview students represented the School, along with our Dee Why champions, at the NASSA Basketball Gala Day. The boys and girls teams each played six games of Basketball against six other schools in the Competition. The boys won their first five games.


    Jack was on fire and Aden played like a rocket.  The boys’ last game was against another undefeated team. So it was like a Grand Final. We played against a player who was taller than Mr Scott, so unfortunately we lost that game 17-13.  We were close and got second place.


    We played really well with lots of great teamwork. We did the School proud, as did the girl’s team. They all played really well, too. Tahlia and Tara were buzzing around the court, and guess what? A podium finish for the girls – undefeated on the day and medal winners! The girls all did the School proud, too and had fun doing it. Luckily they got to catch up on their sleep over the weekend. It was well worth getting up early for!"