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  • Year 10 Aged Care Service Program

    Posted On 18 March, 2016

    Due to the on-going success of the partnership between Year 9 students and Arranounbai School, the service program has been expanded to include Year 10 students visiting a local aged care facility. As part of the Year 10 Sports program in 2016, students are visiting the aged care facility on a weekly basis to spend time with the residents and assist with a variety of activities.

    While the program is in its infancy, the first group of students have embraced the opportunity to engage with the residents, sharing music, games and conversation. It was uplifting to hear and see the students sing along with the residents to songs such as You are my Sunshine and participate in a seated version of The Hokey Pokey. Students have assisted staff members and volunteers to run small games as well as contribute to gardening activities.

    A number of our female students have also given gentle hand massages to residents. The activities program will vary each week with a consistent and central element being the interaction and relationship building between all involved. The residents, volunteers and staff have made comment on the manners, friendliness and respect demonstrated by the students and already look forward to their visit each week.

    “The aged care program was extremely rewarding and a great opportunity. I love that we are given the opportunity to help others! We did a number of things in the program such as, singing, reading, gardening and fun activities. It was so rewarding to see the smiles we were able to put on the residents faces. I definitely took out of the aged program the importance being thankful for everything you have, because you never know what’s around the corner. It was great to connect with residents and I thoroughly enjoyed the program!”        

    Jasmin Brooks (Year 10)


    Ms M Southwell  |   Head of PDHPE   |  Years 7 - 12