When choosing schools, it's natural to want to find out all the information you can. All questions are good questions - and we welcome all enquiries.

At St Luke's, we receive enquiries and conduct tours on a regular basis. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions.


What are the fees payable to apply for and accept a place at St Luke’s?

The Application Fee (to apply for a place) is $220 per student.

The Acceptance Fee (to accept an Offer of Enrolment) is $1500 for a Junior place and $2000 for a Senior place.

Please note that Application and Acceptance Fees are non-refundable, and that the Application Fee does not guarantee that an Offer of Enrolment will be extended.

Do students have to sit a selective test prior to entry?

The enrolment intake is comprehensive and there is no academic selection test required prior to confirming a place at the School.

St Luke's is proud of its academic achievements, with HSC results having ranked the School as the Top Independent School on the Northern Beaches for the last 7 consecutive years. The School follows a robust curriculum and aims to implement rigorous strategies to ensure each student is provided opportunities to reach their potential and beyond.

St Luke's offers a Gifted and Talented program for those students requiring further challenge and extension, and a Learning Support program for students who require further support.

Does my child have to be baptised or attend a church?

While St Luke's is a Christian School in the Anglican tradition, its intake is open to students of any faith background.

It is not a requirement to be baptised or to attend a church. Each child though, will be required to attend a weekly Christian Studies class and a weekly Chapel Service for the duration of the time they are at the School.

Parents and students are expected to support the Christian ethos of the School.

How far in advance should I send in an application?

Applications are accepted from birth. General advice would be that as soon as you have made the decision that you'd like your child to be considered for enrolment at St Luke's, then it's appropriate to submit an Application to Enrol at that time, no matter how early.

The majority of enrolment interviews occur in date of application order, so early online submission of an Application to Enrol is advantageous. However, please note that date of application is only one of several enrolment criteria, and when reviewing applications, sometimes other matters are also taken into account to determine the scheduling of an enrolment interview.

When will I know if my child has a place at the School?

Enrolment interviews and offers of enrolment usually occur in the time frames listed below. After an offer of enrolment is extended, a family usually has 2 to 3 weeks to confirm their offer of a place, with the payment of the acceptance fee.

In some cases, for year groups where the demand is high, a place may not be able to be confirmed until much closer to the desired date of commencement, due to the year group being fully subscribed, and the availability of further places being dependent on a confirmed student leaving.

  • Cottage: Approximately 18 months in advance
  • Kindergarten: Approximately 24 months in advance
  • Year 7: Approximately 24 months in advance
  • Years 1-6: Approximately 6 months in advance (during term 3 of the year prior)
  • Years 8-11: Approximately 6 months in advance (during term 3 of the year prior)

Do you have 'sibling priority'?

Yes. Siblings who are on the wait list are placed in the 'Sibling Priority' group. For intake years (Cottage, Kindergarten and Year 7), if a sibling is on the wait list prior to the conducting of enrolment interviews for that year group, then it is usual that they will be called in for an enrolment interview before those on the general wait list.

A sibling is not necessarily guaranteed a place, as this is dependent on a successful enrolment interview, but it is usual, in most cases, that an offer of enrolment is extended. In cases where a sibling is not on the wait list prior to the commencement of the enrolment interviews for that year group, they will still be placed in the 'Sibling Priority' group, but the scheduling of their enrolment interview will be dependent on when the next place becomes available.

Can I request to change my application to the wait list of an earlier year group?

Yes. Once a student is on the wait list, it is possible to move them forward, or defer them to a later desired date of entry. All that is required is for the request to be sent in writing (email acceptable) to the Enrolments Team (enrol@stlukes.nsw.edu.au). The student will then slot into the wait list of their new year group based on their original 'Date of Application' and therefore will not lose their place on any subsequent wait list.

How flexible is the 31 March Age of Commencement Policy?

In the majority of cases for Cottage and Kindergarten entry, there is limited flexibility with the Age of Commencement Policy, as the policy has been implemented taking into account the rigour of the Early Learning programs on offer at St Luke's and past experiences which have seen older children thriving.

For subsequent year groups - ie. entry into Years 3 or Year 5 etc, those with birth dates beyond 31 March, who have been in Australian curriculum schools, are able to enter into the year group that corresponds with where they have previously been enrolled, and are not required to repeat, to meet St Luke's Policy.

Is before and after school care available?

St Luke's offers quality before school care at the Dee Why Campus, and after school care at both the Bayview and Dee Why campuses. This is operated by Camp Australia on behalf of St Luke's. For further information including fees please see www.campaustralia.com.au