The School’s values of kindness, compassion and justice are the foundation of our identity at St Luke’s and are clearly displayed through our various service opportunities.

With Christ our light, we seek to love others and use the resources we have to bring justice, joy and happiness to the people whose lives we encounter.


Research* into the effects of service-learning on students of all ages has highlighted numerous encouraging results. These include academic achievement, improved engagement in learning, enhanced civic responsibility, enhanced personal and social skills. As well as these things, engaging in service opportunities can lead to an increase in social responsibility and concern for others.

With this in mind, as well as St Luke’s strong Christian foundation, following Jesus' example of love and putting the needs of others first, the School provides the school community with many opportunities to learn and grow through service.

* Furco A, Root S. (2010). Research Demonstrates the Value of Service Learning. Phi Delta Kappan. 2010;91(5):16-20. Scales, P., Blyth. D., Berkas. T., & Kielsmeier. J. (2000). “The Effects of Service Learning on Middle School Students’ Social Responsibility and Academic Success.” Journal of Early Adolescence 20 (2000): 332-358.

Arranounbai School Program (Year 9)

The Arranounbai School Program is a service learning program built into the Year 9 Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) course. The Program allows all Year 9 students to visit Arranounbai School, a small school catering for students with a range of abilities.

While at Arranounbai our students volunteer as classroom assistants helping with literacy programs, art and craft, morning exercise routines and much more.  

Time spent at Arranounbai continues to open eyes, expand horizons and build a desire to be active and servant-hearted within the broader community.

Aged Care Program (Year 10)

As part of the Year 10 Equip Program, students visit the Elizabeth Jenkins Place Aged Care Plus Centre at Collaroy to meet and get to know the residents. During their visits, the students engage with the residents through a variety of activities including card games, sharing music, dancing, memory games and conversation.


Social Basketball Program

In partnership with Northern Beaches Interchange (NBI), St Luke’s senior students offer an informal basketball afternoon for local young people who are living with a disability.

Each week the participants come to St Luke’s to connect with our student volunteer team, who offer individual coaching in a fun and social atmosphere.

For NBI participants, this program has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and connectedness while promoting physical activity and good health. For our student volunteers, it continues to be an avenue by which they can learn to use their gifts and passions to bless and support those around them, while also building valuable relationships and learning about the needs of others.


“Learning In God’s Hope Together” (LIGHT) Tours are trips (within Australia or globally) that we provide for students that have a service component. Pre-COVID, we travelled to Fiji (Year 8), Cambodia (Year 9) and Uganda (Years 10-12) to undertake different forms of service including building, community engagement, sport and environmental restoration. Students also learn about the cultures and history of the countries they travel to as well as visiting some key sites. When limited to travel within Australia, examples of trips are to the Northern Territory and North Queensland. More information here.