Families are choosing St Luke’s because they are drawn to the idea of their child joining a thriving learning community that believes in the power of a ‘growth mindset’ and where character development is integrated into the learning framework.

St Luke's Grammar School is an independent Anglican, co-educational school, with two Campuses on Sydney's Northern Beaches. One Campus is located in Dee Why (Pre-K to Year 12) and a second Campus is located in Bayview (Pre-K to Year 6).

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Learning Combined with Character Building

St Luke’s Grammar School has a thriving learning culture. In recent years, the School’s academic outcomes have consistently improved and in 2020, the outstanding results of the Class of 2020 led to the School being ranked an incredible 24th in the state. The efforts of the students and staff also resulted in St Luke’s being ranked 2nd in the State out of all “Co-educational Independent Schools” and top school on the Northern Beaches out of all “Non-Selective Schools”. These results are a testament to the successful embedding of the St Luke’s teaching and learning framework.

The learning culture at St Luke’s is underpinned by the LEARNING@STLUKE’S framework, which provides a common learning language across the School, as well as targeted strategies to equip students with the skills they need to understand themselves as learners. The LEARNING@STLUKE’S framework moves beyond the traditional approach to learning, seeking to engage the hearts and minds of students by combining the acquisition of content knowledge with the development of character.

Within the framework, which draws together research on how students learn and what abilities strengthen their capacity to learn, St Luke’s has identified 5 R’s associated with learning. Powerful learners display capacities associated with Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Relationship and Restoration.

Two evidence-based concepts intrinsic to the LEARNING@STLUKE’S framework and fundamental to student success are having a growth mindset and developing grit. Each day at St Luke’s, we aim to help our students to understand that they have the ability to learn anything and the only limiting factor is their own mindset.

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Balanced Lifestyle Choice

Families choose St Luke's because they place value in their child attending a local and reputable mid-size School that seeks to provide small school individualised student focused learning, with larger school co-curricular opportunities, experiences and results.

Approximately 99% of St Luke's students live on Sydney's Northern Beaches, which indicates that more and more local families are making the balanced lifestyle choice in minimising travel for their children.



A co-educational learning environment provides students with the opportunity to study together and to interact naturally and healthily with each other – enabling the building of mutually respectful relationships.

Our students learn to value diversity, which allows them to take their place confidently in a co-educational world - where both women and men can occupy positions of leadership and can be people of influence.

Why Choose

Vision for the Future

St Luke’s is driven by a vision to provide leading edge educational opportunities to students on the Northern Beaches and beyond.

In addition to the complete refurbishment of the Dee Why Campus, and the upgrade to facilities at the Bayview Campus, recent purchases of the iconic Fitness First and Officeworks buildings on adjacent Pittwater Rd mean that the School is well placed for future Northern Beaches prominence. The Masterplan outlines the details of a new Senior Campus, incorporating a brand new Sports Complex and Wellbeing Centre on the Pittwater Road site.


Why Choose