The St Luke’s Senior School aims to provide an environment where students are encouraged to grow as thoughtful and resilient learners, supportive of each other and empathetic about the world around them. They approach challenges with a sense of agency, striving for excellence by developing mastery of learning through our LEARNING@STLUKE’S Framework. Our students are humble, and see their place in the world as one where they can be of service to others. They seek out opportunities to be people of justice and grace.

The 2020 HSC results ranked St Luke’s at 24th in the State. Further analysis of the results shows that St Luke’s placed 2nd in the State out of all Independent Co-Educational schools. In addition, the School has achieved the rank of Top Performing Independent School on the Northern Beaches for 8 consecutive years.



Senior School Structure

The Senior School at St Luke's is currently 5-stream, with approximately 125 students per year level, from Year 7 to Year 12.

The school day begins at 8.30 am and concludes at 3.20 pm. The day is divided into 5 lessons, with breaks for recess and lunch. The students are involved in Pastoral Care sessions each day, which also includes attending an Assembly and Chapel service each week.

All core curriculum and elective classes are co-educational.

Further information about the facilities at the Dee Why Senior School campus can be found here


Senior School Curriculum

Year 7 (Stage 4)

In Year 7, all students study:

  • English, Mathematics, Science, History, Technology, Visual Arts, Music, PDHPE, a Language, Drama and Christian Studies

The Technology course comprises 4 contexts:

  • Agriculture and Food Technologies, Digital Technologies, Engineered Systems and Materials Technologies

Students select a Language course which they will study for both Years 7 & 8 from the following languages:

  • Chinese, French or Spanish

Year 8 (Stage 4)

In Year 8:

  • students continue with their Year 7 subjects with one exception; in Year 8 they undertake Geography instead of History.

In addition, students select 4 elective subjects (undertaking a different one each term) from the following elective areas:

RECIPROCITY and REFLECTIVENESS through intercultural understanding:

  • Taste Le Tour
  • Indigenous Australian Language and Culture
  • Chinese Folklore
  • A Bite of China
  • Chinese Traditional Board Games
  • Chinese Calligraphy

RECIPROCITY through ethical understanding:

  • Vern Barnett School Visits
  • Doomsday Prepping - A Sustainable Approach
  • Revenue from Recycling
  • St Luke's Sustainable Garden
  • Social Justice Warriors.

RESOURCEFULNESS through critical and creative thinking:

  • $20 Boss - Building Entrepreneurial Skills.
  • Drama: Script & Music Production
  • Drama: Physical Theatre/Movement & Stage Combat
  • Drama: Behind the Scenes
  • Drama: Masterclass in Acting & Audition Techniques.
  • Escape Room Design.
  • Introduction to Coding & Mixed Reality
  • Dumbledore's Army - explore the world of Harry Potter through reading and STEAM activities.

RESILIENCE AND RECIPROCITY through personal and social capability:

  • Life is Better with Movement - Beach Activities.
  • Basketball Development.
  • Health and Nutrition - Masterchef

Years 9 & 10 (Stage 5)

In Years 9 & 10, all students study the following core subjects:

  • English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE, and Christian Studies

In addition, students choose 3 electives to be taken for both Years 9 &10. Year 9 2022 students have selected from the following electives: 

  • Big History  
  • Chinese
  • Commerce
  • Dance
  • Design & Technology  
  • Drama
  • Food Technology
  • French
  • Geography Elective
  • Global Studies
  • History Elective
  • Industrial Technology - Wood
  • Information & Software Technology
  • Marine and Aquaculture Technology     
  • Music
  • Photographic and Digital Media
  • Physical Activities & Sport Studies
  • Senior Studies     
  • Spanish
  • Visual Arts
  • NSW School of Languages

Years 11 & 12 (Stage 6)

In Year 11, NESA requires that students complete at least 12 units at Preliminary level. In Year 12, to be eligible for the NESA Higher School Certificate, students must complete at least 10 units at HSC level.

In Years 11 & 12, all students are required by NESA to study at least 2 units of English which may be either English Standard or Advanced. Additionally, students may select a 3rd unit of English with English Extension 1 in Year 11. A 4th unit may be selected in Year 12 with English Extension 2.

At St Luke's, all students undertake at least 2 units of Mathematics in Year 11. They may select from Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Advanced. Additionally, students may select a 3rd unit of Mathematics with Mathematics Extension 1 in Year 11. A 4th unit may be selected in Year 12 with Mathematics Extension 2.

Students may select from the following 2 unit electives in Year 11 to complete their pattern of study:

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies, Geography
  • Ancient History, Modern History
  • Information Processing Technology, Software Design & Development, Design & Technology, Food Technology
  • Visual Arts
  • Music 1, Music 2, Drama
  • Chinese, French, Spanish, NSW School of Languages

Students may select from the following 1 unit electives in Year 11:

  • Sports & Lifestyle Recreation (available for Year 11 only)
  • Studies of Religion

Students may also opt to study a Category B TVET subject at TAFE such as:

  • Hospitality, Tourism, Travel & Events, Construction, Automotive, Entertainment Industry, Human Services

Additionally, in Year 12, students may undertake the following extension subjects if they have completed the Preliminary component for that subject:

  • Music Extension; Languages Extension; History Extension

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enrichment

St Luke’s is committed to maximising the educational outcomes of all students. We engage students in tailored programs which provide appropriately challenging learning experiences to meet their learning needs. Our approach centres around the belief that students can grow their learning capacities and develop a ‘growth mindset’ (Dweck, 1999). The opportunities the School offers to our students are designed to facilitate depth of learning, and moments of grapple that enable students to persevere and stretch their capacity to be resourceful thinkers. Students may also be invited to participate in academically rigorous competitions, events, or accelerated courses based on a range of data sources such as: teacher nominations, internal and external testing, standardised diagnostic tests and educational psychometric tests.

Supporting Students with Learning Needs

St Luke’s acknowledges the need for students with learning issues to obtain reasonable adjustments to activities to facilitate their access to the curriculum on the same basis as students without learning needs. When a student is identified as having additional learning needs, the School will take steps to accommodate that student by planning and implementing appropriate adjustments to assist the student in achieving their learning potential.

Senior School Co-curricular Opportunities

A rich and diverse co-curricular program provides opportunities for students to be involved in numerous activities. Further information regarding Sport, Performing Arts, Clubs & Activities and School Camps can be found via the links below: 

  1. For Senior School SPORT opportunities, click here
  2. For Senior School PERFORMING ARTS opportunities, click here
  3. For Senior School ACTIVITIES & CLUBS available, click here
  4. For Senior School TOURS & CAMPS on offer, click here


Senior School Wellbeing

St Luke’s values the importance of nurturing students’ mental health. We want to see students, families and teachers thrive in the School environment and in life. Through a variety of methods, the School educates and embeds messages about social and emotional matters in order to promote positive mental health outcomes now and beyond the School gate. For more information on St Luke’s approach to Wellbeing click here.