The St Luke’s Junior School is a dynamic, safe and engaging learning environment. It holds a well-established reputation for enabling students to develop mastery of new knowledge and gain a deep understanding of content.

Students are provided with a rigorous and differentiated learning experience and are encouraged to be Restorative, Resilient, Resourceful, Relational and Reflective.



Junior School Structure

There are approximately 550 Junior School students, across both the Dee Why and Bayview campuses.

Dee Why Campus

At the Dee Why Campus, there are two classes in each Year group, with approximately 24 - 26 students per class. There are additional teacher's aides and specialist teachers assisting in all Year groups on a regular basis.

Before and After School Care is available at the Dee Why Campus.

Further information about the facilities at the Dee Why Junior School campus can be found here

Bayview Campus

At the Bayview Campus, it is projected that Kindergarten to Year 6 will also have 2 classes per Year group. Currently there is one class per Year group, with approximately 20 – 27 students per class. There are additional teacher's aides and specialist teachers assisting in all Year groups on a regular basis.

After School Care is available at the Bayview Campus.

Further information about the facilities at the Bayview Junior School campus can be found here


Junior School Curriculum

The Junior School NSW Board of Studies Key Learning Areas are:

☑ English

☑ Mathematics

☑ Science and Technology

☑ Creative Arts

☑ Human Society & Its Environment

☑ Personal Development Health & Physical Education.

Junior School Specialist Lessons

All Junior School students (Cottage to Year 6) receive instruction in the following Specialist Teaching areas:

☑ Christian Studies

☑ Physical Education

☑ Music

☑ Languages (K-4 Spanish; Y5 French; Y6 Chinese)

☑ Information Skills

☑ Visual Arts

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enrichment

St Luke’s is committed to maximising the educational outcomes of all students. We engage students in tailored programs which provide appropriately challenging learning experiences to meet their learning needs. Our approach centres around the belief that students can grow their learning capacities and develop a ‘growth mindset’ (Dweck, 1999). The opportunities the School offers to our students are designed to facilitate depth of learning, and moments of grapple that enable students to persevere and stretch their capacity to be resourceful thinkers. Students may also be invited to participate in academically rigorous competitions, events, or accelerated courses based on a range of data sources such as: teacher nominations, internal and external testing, standardised diagnostic tests and educational psychometric tests.

Learning Support

St Luke’s acknowledges the needs of students with disabilities to obtain reasonable adjustments to learning activities to facilitate their access to the curriculum on the same basis as students without disability. When a student is identified as having additional learning needs, the School will take steps to accommodate that student by planning and implementing appropriate adjustments to assist the student in fulfilling their learning potential. Additional needs are identified according to specialised criteria that have been developed by professionals such as doctors, paediatricians, psychologists and other teaching professionals.

Junior School

Junior School Co-curricular

A rich and diverse co-curricular program provides opportunities for our Junior Students to be involved in numerous activities. Further information regarding Sport, Performing Arts, Clubs & Camps opportunities can be found via the links below: 

  • For Junior School SPORT opportunities, click here
  • For Junior School PERFORMING ARTS opportunities, click here
  • For Junior School ACTIVITIES & CLUBS available, click here
  • For Junior School TOURS & CAMPS on offer, click here

Junior School Wellbeing

St Luke’s values the importance of nurturing students’ mental health. We want to see students, families and teachers thrive in the School environment and in life. Through a variety of methods, the School educates and embeds messages about social and emotional matters in order to promote positive mental health outcomes now and beyond the School gate. For more information on St Luke’s approach to Wellbeing click here.

Junior School Bayview Video