Connection and belonging, problem-solving, leadership and navigating risk in a controlled environment are all positive outcomes of outdoor learning experiences.

We want our students to have learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom and our Outdoor Education Program is designed to give our students an increased sense of resilience, interdependence and knowledge of the beautiful world in which we live. Through these experiences, students learn more about themselves and each other, grow in their knowledge of how to care for our environment, understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture, as well as develop their value for and enjoyment of lifelong outdoor physical recreation.


Outdoor Education Camps

Our sequential camps program allows students to develop their skills and knowledge of the outdoors while also increasing their confidence, team building and leadership skills. We partner with an experienced Christian outdoor education provider to facilitate our Years 7-10 Camps, while our pastoral staff facilitate a leadership retreat in Year 11.

All camps include a time of Christian Discovery where students have a chance to reflect on the Restoration dispositions of Learning@STLUKE’S. In addition, all students in Year 9 have the opportunity to participate in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award, with the option of continuing on to complete the Silver and Gold Awards in Years 10 -12.

  • Years 3 to 6: A camp is held each year where students have a chance to connect, build confidence, participate in fun outdoor activities and also learn more about Australian history and environment.
  • Year 7: This 3-day camp occurs during Term 2 to give students time to get to know each other. Accommodation is in cabins and students participate in a range of activities that focus on team building and overcoming challenges.
  • Year 8: This is a 4-day camp where students learn the basic skills needed for remote expeditions. They learn to prepare their own meals on a camp stove as well as participating in activities such as rock climbing and canoeing.
  • Year 9: This is a 4-day camp where students are able to use their skills and knowledge from previous camps and apply them to expedition conditions. This camp is used as an introductory qualifier for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award of which Year 9 students are encouraged to be involved.
  • Year 10: The focus of this camp is on community service and leadership skills. Throughout the 5-day camp, students have the opportunity to get to know the City of Sydney while they serve at various charities in the Inner City and participate in various challenges nearby.
  • Year 11: All Year 11 students attend a 3-day Leadership Camp in Term 2.



The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a self-development volunteer program that encourages young people to set and achieve goals at a level appropriate to their interests and age. These activities provide an opportunity for students to develop initiative, teamwork, perseverance, self-discipline and self-esteem. The development of these skills also encourages students to contribute in some meaningful way towards their communities. Participation in the Award is highly regarded by many employers, universities and organisations world-wide.

The Award has three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level requires students to complete a certain amount of time and make a regular commitment to each of the below components.

Service: Voluntary Community Service – providing assistance to the community.

Skill: Pursuing a cultural or social activity, developing greater knowledge and skill – for example, learning a musical instrument.

Sport: Participation in a physical activity – either individually or in a team.

Adventurous Journey: Complete two overnight expeditions:

  1. Practice
  2. Qualifying

Residential Project (Gold only): Involvement with others in residential setting

At St Luke’s, Year 9 students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. After completing the first Expedition, which is the Year 9 Camp, it is entirely up to the individual student to follow through with the rest of the components required for the award. Parents are encouraged to allow their child to take ownership of their Award journey. Students attain the most personal growth out of the award when they take charge of the challenges themselves.

Students who reach the Gold Award level are given the opportunity to complete their Adventurous Journeys by completing the Overland Track in Tasmania.