St Luke's offers a broad range of activities and clubs, including debating and public speaking, in an effort to assist students to find their passion and develop their confidence and overall wellbeing.

The comprehensive offering of activities and clubs, in addition to Sport and Performing Arts, aims to provide a comprehensive range of opportunities for students to acquire skills, knowledge and behaviours to be fit for life, to make healthy and informed decisions relating to their wellbeing, and to try new things.


There are numerous clubs and activities available across both campuses. They are offered to different year groups according to suitability. The younger Junior Students are offered play-based activities and clubs that provide them with opportunities to collaborate and increase their problem solving skills as well as learning new physical coordination skills. The older students are also offered activities that challenge them mentally, physically and spiritually. Pictured below is a sample of the clubs and activities on offer across the School.  

audio visual 
Audio Engineers & Stage Lighting
Crusader Groups for all ages
digital technologies 
Digital Technologies
Maker Space - building through play
lego robotics 
Lego Robotics
Enrichment - Minecraft
Sports Skills for Younger Students

Debating & Public Speaking

Students at St Luke's are encouraged to participate in Debating and Public Speaking opportunities.

The development of skills in analysis and the practice in expressing ideas clearly, logically and persuasively equips our young people for their professional and personal lives beyond the School.

Students in Years 5 to 12 represent St Luke's in the prestigious Independent Schools' Debating Association (ISDA) Competition. Senior students also participate in HICES debating competitions.

The Junior School (both campuses) also participates in the IPSHA debating competition.

All debating students receive coaching from Masters Academy. 

Public Speaking
Senior students have the opportunity to participate in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition, the Plain English Speaking Award, the Legacy Junior and Lions Youth of the Year Quest.

Senior students from St Luke's also take part in the High School Mooting Competition organised by Bond University. In previous years, students have been involved in both local and national speaking competitions, including representing Australia at the Youth Geneva Convention.

Students from Year 11 Legal Studies also have the opportunity to take part in the Perez de Cuellar Shield. This is a model United Nations Security Council Competition which seeks to engage students in a discussion of the issues that are facing the global community in the 21st century.

Each year in the Junior School, students take part in various internal speaking competitions, including the NSW Parliament Bear Pit competition (Dee Why only).

A Speechcraft course is offered to students in Years 7 - 12. The course provides a fun and supportive learning environment for students to develop their public speaking skills through impromptu speaking and preparing and delivering formal speeches.

Mock Trial - Years 10 & 11
St Luke’s Grammar School offers students the opportunity to participate in the New South Wales’ Mock Trial Competition. Open to students in Years 10 and 11, the program aims to introduce students to the NSW judicial system by providing practical experience in the running of a court case in a true-to-life adversarial setting. Students learn advocacy, debating, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They collaborate to prepare their case and during the trial they have to think on their feet and respond to unseen evidence which can either confirm or contradict their carefully laid plans.

This program is particularly beneficial to Year 11 Legal Studies students and provides them with a practical opportunity to increase their understanding of the law.