St Luke's aims to be a School that provides a solid Christian Foundation, a strong focus on Learning Excellence and a steadfast commitment to Student Wellbeing.

The School's Motto is "Christ our Light". With this as our starting point, the School's vision focuses on "Equipping students to make a difference in the world."


As an Anglican School, each individual student is valued and respected as they are made in the image of God. The Bible is the foundation of the School’s Christian teachings, and the Christian life of the School seeks to be one of restoration, through kindness, grace, compassion, justice and humility. The School’s Biblical foundation is anchored in its chosen verse Colossians 3:12-17. We cherish community, knowing that relationships are at the heart of living and learning.

All students attend a weekly Chapel service and a Christian Studies lesson. During these times they are encouraged to consider the teachings of the Bible, including what it means to have a faith in God through Jesus Christ. Optional lunchtime fellowship groups can be attended and the School also supports holiday camps run by Crusaders and Anglican Youth Works. While the accelerated Studies of Religion course is offered, students are not required to take this course for their HSC Examinations.

As a Christian school, following the example of Jesus, St Luke’s seeks to give our students opportunities to show compassion and kindness to others in various ways throughout their years at the School. Students can choose to be involved in LIGHT Tours (Learning In God's Hope Together) to places including Uganda, Cambodia, Fiji and Central Australia. More information about the LIGHT Tours can be found here.

All students in Year 9 participate in the partnership program with the Arranounbai School and Year 10 students are involved in an aged care residential program. In addition to this, Year 10 and 11 Students volunteer to facilitate the Northern Beaches Interchange Social Basketball program.

We also support students as they lead fundraising and advocacy campaigns throughout the year for various issues including the 40H Famine, Roughtober for Rough Edges, Toys n Tucker and other causes as they arise.