NASSA Netball Gala Day 2022

On Monday 21 March 2022, Senior School girls in our Under 15s and Opens Netball Teams had the opportunity to represent St Luke's Grammar School at the NASSA Netball Gala Day. Both of our teams performed outstandingly, achieving some amazing results. 


Year 9 student, Teagan H recounts the success of our Under 15s Team:


This week we were given the opportunity to represent St Luke’s at the NASSA Netball Gala Day which is also a trial for the NASSA Team to play at AICES. Throughout the day we came up against some tough opposition, but we pushed our way through to the semi-finals undefeated and finishing top of the ladder. During the semi-final, both teams were very close, but our strong second half finished the deal and we ended with a win. The Grand Final was tough the whole way through, and the other team had some strong players, but we were able to win the Final 17 to 8.

During the day our whole team had played super well together, and we had such a great time. After the Grand Final, a few girls from each team were selected to trial for the NASSA team. St Luke’s Under 15s team, had 6 girls go through to these ‘possible and probables’.  Five of our St Luke’s players were successful and selected into the NASSA team to play at the AICES Netball Gala Day in May.

Overall, NASSA Netball was a super fun experience. The Under 15s Team played consistently all day and was congratulated on their success of being named the NASSA Netball Champions for 2022.

Netball Coach, Mrs Jen May, summarises the experience of the Opens Girls Netball Team: 


A cracking start for our Opens Team at the NASSA Netball Gala Day with convincing wins against their opponents. Until that is, our Semi-Final and Grand Final games. A close win sent us to the Grand Final, with a nail-biter to finish the Gala Day. Winning convincingly to Wollondilly in game 1 (25-3), only to lose our Grand Final match by 1 goal to the same team. We fought hard until the end and showed determination and strength from start to finish, taking the lead at one point only to have it taken away from us in the final moments of the game. Despite the loss, the team can walk away with their head held high, finishing in 2nd place on the day. A highly entertaining game to watch, edge-of-your-seat style game and a display of sportsmanship to go with it. Very proud of all players and the way they represented their School.

Congratulations to Gabi S, Darcy F, Charlie H, Ciara C, Chloe D, Charlotte S and Jessica S (as shadow player), for making the NASSA Netball team to play at AICES.


Summer P, Aisha G, Daisy S, Teagan H, Tara H, Mia K, Zara D, Sophie D, Evie B, Lani G, Kate F


Aisha G, Teagan H, Lani G, Zara D


Darcy F, Ciara C, Chloe D, Isla H, Charlie H, Summer P, Jessica S, Sophie C, Gabi S and Ella C

Gabi S, Darcy F, Charlie H, Ciara C, Chloe D, Charlotte S and Jessica S