Welcome to our Bayview Campus' Sensory Garden


Construction on the sensory garden at our Bayview Campus has been completed!


This garden will provide an area for all students to play, explore, sit and chat and connect with nature. It has already been in use with our Cottage kids experiencing all it has to offer.


The suggestion of the sensory garden was made by staff members following a professional development course which focussed on neuroscience and brain development. They expressed a desire to have a space in the school which would enable students to play imaginatively, interacting in a natural environment that allows for sensory exploration. The students can engage in creative activities as ‘nature play’ in an outdoor classroom.


The materials used encourage them to explore and investigate various materials, weights and textures. It allows students the opportunity to interact creatively and with curiosity. They are able to take risks in a safe environment, exploring various types of movement, building confidence and resilience. Students can jump, climb, roll and step between and over the various surfaces, structures and installations.


The sensory garden also offers seating arrangements allowing the space to be used as a collaborative learning environment in a natural setting – a great alternative to an indoor classroom.