Be Like Bluey Jesus: From the Head of Ministry and Service 

Mr David Chilton | Grammar News | 2 February 2024

I wonder if you have watched the Aussie television show about a family of Blue Heelers that live in Brisbane? According to the Nielsen Report published at the end of last year, the show ‘Bluey’ was the top streamed show globally in November 2023. It racked up an impressive 3.8 billion minutes, (that’s 7230 years if all watched nonstop by one person!!)

I recently read a paper by Max Jeganathan from the Centre of Public Christianity, published by the ABC in their religion and ethics section, that resonated with me so much I wanted to share it with our staff and community. It was titled “In a world overwhelmed by the demands of work, “Bluey” reminds us of the ethical importance of play.”

I wonder how many people in our community feel slightly overwhelmed with the demands of work, the year ahead, starting a new school or coming back?

In his intro Jeganathan writes, “Kids love it. Grown-ups love it. As behavioural scientists put it, Bluey is super 'sticky'  But why? This children’s show pushes against a number of strong cultural currents.”  He looks at recently released research from the National Academy of Sciences derived from data taken from 140 countries considered how people spend their time that showed that the vast majority of our waking hours are spent chasing 'outcomes' and research from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission that showed between 39 and 50 per cent of Australians are too financially stressed, physically exhausted or time-poor to have fun.

He pulls it all together saying “the show Bluey marches to a different drumbeat. In every episode, Bluey and her family have fun for its own sake. Not to kill time. Not so other dog families will think well of them. Not to create Instagrammable moments. Just fun for its own sake. There is always fun, but that’s never the end of the story. There are teaching moments, moments of excellence and a focus on kindness.”

I think that is what Jesus was on about too. John 10:10 quotes Jesus as saying “I came that you may have life and live it to the full.” He wants us to have fun and live a fulfilling life. He also expects and demands excellence and kindness. Nearly 2000 years before Bluey, Jesus said – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your mind and with all your strength. 31 And here is the second one. ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ “ Jesus doesn’t say “love God a bit” or “love God with whatever you have leftover at the end of the week”, he says “Love God with ALL your heart and soul”. Jesus demanded full commitment and excellence and not just to God or for ourselves, he goes further and declares that we should show kindness and love to our neighbours (who he explains is everyone!) Just like Bluey, Jesus provides us with teachable moments, a sense of fun and fulfilment and demands excellence and kindness.

As we start the school year, may we think about the example of Bluey and perhaps even more importantly, that of Jesus. May we prepare for and pray for a fun and fulfilling year with teaching moments, moments of excellence and a focus on kindness. May we emulate Jesus in the way that we think, speak and act.


God bless,


Cartoon Bluey