From our 2023 Dee Why Junior School Captains: Be Resourceful

Penelope H and Luke H | Grammar News | 16 June 2023

At St Luke’s, this term has been all about being resourceful, particularly thinking about how we can look after our wellbeing by nurturing our bodies. We've been diving into the amazing worlds of Movement, Rest, and Nourish, which are dispositions in the ‘Be Resourceful’ domain of our L@SL framework. Let's talk about why these dispositions are super important for our wellbeing.



Moving around is not just fun, it's actually really good for us. When we get up and get moving, it boosts our mood, makes us fitter, helps us concentrate better, and even improves the quality of our sleep. And guess what? All of these things can make learning easier because when we're focused, we can think more clearly and get our work done faster. We’ve been thinking about some fun ideas you could do to help you move. You can try a new sport and run around like crazy during Recess and Lunch. If you have a dog, you can take it for a walk and they will love that too. If you’ve got a trampoline, go and have a jump on it.



Rest is good for us because when we rest, we get energy for the next day. Resting is like recharging our batteries. When we rest, we replenish our energy stores which can benefit our motivation, attention and happiness. Rest doesn’t just have to be sleep, so make sure you have regular downtime to close stress cycles. Try to avoid having too much screen time before bed and read a book instead. Limit how much caffeine you have in the afternoon and evening and try to go to bed on time.



We need to nourish our bodies by eating a wide variety of foods that are yummy and nutritious. Staying hydrated is important too, so make sure you drink lots of water. Cooking is always fun, so have a go at cooking a meal for your family using fresh ingredients and then enjoy eating it together. There are other ways we can nourish our bodies too. Have you thought about spending time in nature? Going for a swim at the beach or walking in the bush can be really calming, reduce stress and boost our moods.


In conclusion, it is very important to move, rest and nourish our bodies because they can improve our concentration levels, boost our energy, help us stay fit and strong and reduce our stress. We hope that in the holidays, you spend plenty of time moving, resting and finding fun and yummy ways to nourish your bodies.