From the 2022 Senior School Captains: Change

Tara S and Nicholas C | 2022 Senior School Captains | Grammar News | 29 October 2021



  1. An act or process through which something becomes different.

Changes are an integral and inevitable part of our life. They keep the world moving and let us grow both within our lives and as a part of something greater. So no- they are not just the focus of a great David Bowie song, or the bane of our existence when it comes to the rising prices of a Maccas Soft Serve.

As your new School Captains for 2021/22, we have had that word in our minds a lot recently. There is the obvious change- that of ‘back to school’- and then all those that we intend to make over our time in this position. It is nerve wracking, that's for sure, to realise that our actions, choices and changes have the potential to impact the lives of students within our School community. In this way, it is also exciting. As leaders, we want to first and foremost be ready to shift and grow our focus to meet the needs of Students and of the School, and we couldn’t be more proud to embark on this journey with you.

Both of us are very passionate about School Culture, and the sense of belonging that comes with connection across all cohorts. This has never been a more prevalent focus than it is now, in a time when connection is so hard and yet so necessary. We know that the world is changing around us, and so we definitely feel the responsibility to ensure that every student knows the way forward. At the crux of this goal is, in reaction to that ever-present noun, stagnation. School needs to be somewhere that readies students to make a difference in the world, through service and education. But it also needs to be something consistent, something that remains welcoming and comfortable and fun, despite our changing lives. This is why we would also love to focus on developing school spirit, and creating an environment in which students of all year groups feel involved, rather than separated, proud and included.

And, just to squeeze out every last ounce of this theme, we would like to leave you with this. Despite the changes that will happen in our lives, and the lives of the school, over the next 12 months, both of us will continue to be immensely grateful and proud to lead the St Lukes community into the future.