From our 2023 Student Voice Prefects

Poppi T and Oliver W | Grammar News | 8 September 2023


As Ollie and I reflect on the year behind us, we were constantly reminded of the importance of students having a voice.

Upon being given this role we were both eager to share our ideas with the goal of having every Grade feel heard. Then the realisation of this monumental task we set out for ourselves made us acknowledge that for others to be heard, it requires great perseverance and patience. This role has taught and developed these qualities in us, as well as, a key point being connection.

In particular with the Executive Staff and our Year group, Ollie and I set out attempting to be the ‘middle man’ for other students by implementing their ideas.

Things included:

  • Netted basketball hoops for Year 12 students
  • A development in the Uniform guidelines for Year 10
  • A boys and girls Senior bathroom for Years 11 and 12
  • Running Valentine's Day
  • Redeveloping the student's Instagram account and creating videos for students to be engaged with.

Although we, as a team alongside our Co-Captains achieved a lot, it was the process that made this role worth it. The continuous meetings with Mrs Smith, and going to many other pastoral care times, reflected the community in our School and the accessibility they granted us as young leaders. I am grateful to say Ollie and I could have a say in how 2023 at St Luke's was shaped.

For future Student Voice Prefects: take the role in your stride, start early with your ideas and use everyone around you for guidance, as the answer most likely will always be yes.



What a year it has been. Starting with goals so large Mr Wickham had to ask us if it was realistic. Our journey through this School year as Prefects has been an adventure and one of the most enjoyable and important elements of my schooling.

Valentine’s Day was personally one of the best and worst days of my life. Late night, early morning; bad. Whole School sing-along, smiles and giggles from friends; good. Accidentally littering the entire School with rose petals to spread love; undecided.

When being the representatives for student voice at St Luke’s Grammar School, I learned the value of empathy, listening and ultimately how to properly get things done.

For the future, don’t set unrealistic goals on day one, leave it till you’ve finished at least something. Use the Instagram more, it can be such a valuable resource. Lastly, remember to always listen, because most people just need to be heard.