From the 2021 Senior School Captains: Final Report

Millie P and Harry H | 2021 Senior School Captains | Grammar News | 15 October 2021


It’s commonly said that Year 12 is over before you’ve even realised it. However, I don’t think we can really honestly say that this year has really ‘flown by’, with us serving as your longest appointed School Captains to date. What we can conclude, though, is that despite all the ups and downs, and bumps in the road, 2021 has been a year that we and the rest of our cohort definitely won’t forget anytime soon. From our first event we ran as a year at Christmas, to our online Theme Day last term, everyone in the Class of 2021 has certainly put every piece of effort into a legacy that we hope will last at St Luke’s.


We’ve both shared with you personal parts of our lives, and time and time again stressed our goal as a Leadership Team to create a School environment in which everybody feels seen, heard and loved. This was the pledge that we made to you as Captains at the start of the year, to build on the School value of acceptance, and anybody in our community or looking from the outside can see that we have a strong foundation of such values. So we remind you now, that we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.


We have thought long and hard about what we wanted our message to be as School Captains and we think the following sums it up pretty perfectly: Both of us truly believe that life is far too short to spend time pretending to be someone - or something - you’re not. Each and every one of us is worthy of being accepted and loved for being the truest versions of ourselves, and if someone doesn’t like you, well, as Hagrid says in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (we couldn’t resist a Harry Potter quote…), “I am what I am an’ I’m not ashamed. Never be ashamed… there’s some who’ll hold it against you but they’re not worth botherin' with.”

This year may not have been the year we hoped for, but it is the year we all have had to deal with, and our only wish is that the School community continues to blossom in the ways we’ve seen it do so many times before.


Ultimately, it has been an immense privilege and honour to be the School Captains at St Luke’s this past year - and it feels extremely fitting that as we write our last ever Grammar News article, the new School Captains are simultaneously being announced!


We are so thankful for the Executive, teachers and our peers at St Luke’s who have supported us every single step of the way, and this year would have been very different without their tireless work.


Thank you for all the time you’ve given us, and we wish you all the best in the years to come.

Much love,
Harry & Millie