St Luke's Day: From our 2024 Senior School Captains 

Lily Y and Harry T | Grammar News | 20 October 2023

Introducing Lily and Harry, our Senior School Captains for 2024. In their first blog, Lily and Harry reflect upon St Luke's Day and what it means to be involved in the School community.


Welcome back, everyone. We hope you had an awesome and well-deserved break. We are Harry and Lily and we are your 2024 School Captains.

Our purpose, along with the rest of the leadership team, is to promote an environment that encourages a strong community in which students can get involved in their own personal, unique way. It is about everyone not just ‘fitting in,' but genuinely belonging within the St Luke’s Community. And this is where this year's focus comes into play: Involvement.

You see, ‘involvement’ is not necessarily just about getting involved in co-curricular activities. It could be a simple ‘yes’ to an opportunity, offering a helping hand, venturing outside your comfort zone, or involving yourself in the lives of others by simply asking them how their day is going.

We have summed this up into a little masterpiece of a statement to remember:


“Blue and Gold, Get Involved.”

EXTREMELY corny, yes. But, also true. So, this year, choose something – it doesn’t even matter how small – but choose something that you can do, and look back on at the end of next year and feel a sense of accomplishment. We urge you to truly engage with the School community, to make the most out of not only the next year but the rest of your time here at School.



This past Wednesday, we, as a School, celebrated St Luke’s Day.  To celebrate this, we spoke at the Whole School Assembly and here are some snippets of our speeches.



Here is a helpful St Luke’s acronym.

S. Say thank you.

  T. Take healthy risks.


L. Lean on others.

  U. Understand and

  K. Know that you can create impact.

  E. Enjoy the ride and

  S. Share the memories.

Know that the memories you all make here will stick with you for the rest of your lives. As they say, “You don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”.



St Luke’s is unlike any other school. Sure, here, academics and personal excellence are developed, and praised, but that is not what makes St Luke’s, 'St Luke’s.'

So let me ask all of you. In your eyes, what makes St Luke’s 'St Luke’s?'  Is it the community?  Is it the ability to come to school, and truly belong as who you are without pretending to be someone you’re not? Or is it something as small as the incredible curry puffs at the Canteen? For me, what makes this school so unique is a combination of all of the little things.

Looking back, the moment that this first took shape was when an older student approached me back in my Cottage days. Why? I still don’t know. But all he said was, "Hi", and asked me how I was going. Little did he know, that simple gesture had an effect on me, it made me feel valued, and it made me feel some sort of significance. Without knowing at the time, he had taught me the impact small actions can have, and he taught me the impact we can have on each other. I know it sounds cliched, but in my eyes, this is the epitome of what St Luke’s is all about.

Here we create memories. We always have someone to lean on, and most of all we are surrounded by people who genuinely care. So today, as Lily said, we urge you to be grateful for what this School has done for you, and what it will continue to do for you, because all of those little, unique actions are what make St Luke’s 'St Luke’s?'

Happy St Luke’s Day!