St Luke's Senior School Movement Challenge


It was fantastic to see so many students out and about over the past fortnight competing in the St Luke’s Movement Challenge. Students were tasked with running, riding, walking or swimming to see who could cover the most km’s as individuals, House Groups, Year Groups and Pastoral Groups. Over 100 people from the School community got out and about across the fortnight and covered a total of 10,833.2km. There were many battles inside the challenge which came down to the last few hours on Sunday evening.  

Overall a massive congratulations to Kai S-M (Year 11) who covered an incredible 858.43 km at an average of 61 km a day throughout the Challenge. Kai just pipped Mr Thompson whose place on the leader board stood with 852.25km until a couple of hours before the deadline. 

The Year Group challenge was just as riveting, Year 11 holding a slender 17.49km lead over the Staff heading into the final weekend. Ultimately, the Staff would storm home, getting out in force on the final two days to accumulate 3138.82 km and beat Year 11 by 387.4km with 2751.08km covered. 

Our House competition was a little more lopsided with Macarthur dominating from start to finish with 3958.33km, an incredible 2309 kms ahead of Greenway in second. For our Pastoral Groups, 11 Macarthur 2 came out on top, lead by Kai with a total 1342.79 km covered, with 9 Macarthur 2 in second on 866.67km. 

Well done again to everyone who got out and moved.

Detailed results are below.

Below Kai S-M has detailed his winning strategy for us:  

"Consistency.... Consistency was the key factor for me to win this challenge. I rode my bike every day for two weeks (even when it rained but it was a bad idea, my tyre literally burst!). I had never done it before, so at first, I was unsure if I was able to do it. But when I started it, I knew that there was no turning back. On the 1st day, I woke up early (a thing I never do) so that I could start off before anyone else and get a headstart. Initially, I was committed to doing 30-40km a day, but later on decided to do at least 60km to challenge myself. It was enjoyable but sometimes tough and rather felt like staying home relaxing. However, I wanted to keep my commitment of 60km/day so I kept going. Being consistent and resilient was important. Through this challenge, I learned that things can be done if you do it consistently."

Year Group Ranking

Individual Ranking