From the 2023 Senior School Captains

Charlotte S and James L | Grammar News | 4 November 2022

‘Community’ is a word we hear a lot of in our daily lives. After all, communities are a fundamental part of being human. When we think of ‘community’, we can’t help picturing the (mostly) luscious grass of the St Luke’s button and the collective of amazing students that surround it. As your School Captains for 2022/2023, the knowledge of our ability to serve the community that means so much to us is both incredibly exciting and humbling.

To us, the meaning of the word ‘community’ revolves around creating a long-lasting and positive legacy that will encourage students to better the wider world. This year, we are especially passionate about fostering a strong community that supports each other in all aspects of school life. We want to build a sense of pride and belonging within the School, hinging on respect and care for each other as unique individuals who share the common St Luke’s values. Our vision for this year is to cultivate this crucial sense of community within St Luke’s by modelling those highly important traits of kindness, unity and inclusivity in our own actions, and planning initiatives focused on empathy and service. We believe in creating a feeling of connectedness and school spirit, particularly between year groups, that makes you proud to call yourself a St Luke’s student.

We know what it's like to shoulder too-big uniforms and extreme nerves on the first day of Year 7. We’ve been through all the ups and downs of Year 9, where everything seems really dramatic and consequential. We understand how tough it can be, whether it's dealing with friendship groups, schoolwork, or even just the stressful nature of high school itself. So, we know that it is of utmost importance to build a lasting system of support for you, no matter who or where you are on your journey toward the future.

One of our biggest goals is to be accessible, visible and open leaders which all Year groups feel comfortable talking to. We would love to hear from you, so feel free to come up to us at any time, whether it's to share your ideas for the School, or just to say hi.

We humbly thank you all for trusting us with these positions so that we may work for you, and with you, to grow our School together.

Here’s to the future of our community. We are so excited to build it with you.

See you around!

James and Charlotte