Student Voice: Wellbeing

Aaron L and Kaitlyn H | Wellbeing Prefects | Grammar News | 29 October 2021


It’s quite easy in a time like this to be overwhelmed. There’s no getting around the fact that going back to school has been a huge life change for all of us, especially after 17 gruelling weeks of being online. It can also be easy for us to forget that a lot of things can change in such a lengthy period of time: Friend groups may have grown or shrunk, our academics may have suffered, or we might just be feeling a little anxious over a return to social interaction. 

Whatever situation you’re in, it can be hard - not to mention upcoming exams for many of us, making things feel as if there is just too much on our already very full plate. We can certainly say we felt just like this during our exams. However, it’s important to expand from the potential tunnel vision in the lead up to this period. There are so many more things in life than school, and it’s crucial that we avoid burnout - especially when it matters the most.

So, what can we do about it?

Well, instead of being locked up inside your room all weekend, try changing your space. Maybe go to the State Library for a day to study now that it's open. Try to break the day up into sections where you study and then you can reward yourself for all your hard work. We suggest going for a walk with your dog or meeting up with friends for a meal. Whether you like baking or gaming, do something completely unrelated to school, that way you can focus clearly on your work when you return! We know it may seem like working yourself to the bone is the best option if you’re feeling underprepared, but we promise you it’s not - changing it up really does help. 

Also, remember that well-being is always number one, even if it is at the expense of an extra hour or two of study. In saying that though, being strategic with the non-negotiables can make a colossal difference. Pooling resources with friends, doing practice tests and building a schedule that actually works for you are all ways that you can overcome the pre-exam blues.

And as always, remember that if you're feeling overwhelmed, the School Counsellors, your peers and your Wellbeing Prefects are always there to help!