Teacher Spotlight: Michelle Brixen 

Mrs Michelle Brixen | Dawes Head of House | 7 September 2021


What makes St Luke’s Special?


St Luke’s is a special work place because of the friendly staff and family. It is such a supportive work environment for staff members. I love coming to school every day to see the friendly happy faces of the students and working with them. The best part of St Luke’s will be the variety of co-curricular events and the summer sports program where we get to spend our work days in the beautiful environment of the Northern Beaches.


What do you love about being a Head of House?


Being a Head of House is great because our job is to organise fun and exciting events that bring house spirit and sense of collaboration and teamwork. The Houses allow students and staff to feel more connected with each other and be involved in fun events and the community around them. The best part is the House Competitions because it provides a friendly competitive spirit. I also love working with the House Captains, getting them involved with their leadership skills and collaborating with the other Heads of Houses at Dee Why.



What can you be found doing when you’re not teaching?


When I’m not teaching, I’m always at the beach surfing with the family. Whether I’m out surfing on my own at dawn or surfing with my kids, you’ll see me out there surfing in the Northern Beaches! I also love exploring and camping along the east coast of NSW searching for secluded reef breaks with hubby and friends.



What song describes you and why?


The song that best describes me would be Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd. That’s a great song and I’m all about cherishing the moment and following my passion and dreams!