The Future of Education at St Luke's Grammar School

Mr Mark Liddell | Head of Learning and Innovation | 24 May 2022

Schooling is about more than preparing for a life of work. Yes, there are many skills and knowledge domains that our students will develop at school which will serve them well in their working life however we want to engage, challenge, and inspire our students today so that they can ask questions, develop their curiosity, and spark new interests. It’s important for our students study a range of subjects that will broaden their thinking and allow them to pursue academic, creative, cultural, and sporting opportunities.

The McCrindle Research Future of Education webinar highlighted the ways that learning in schools is changing and the impact that COVID lockdowns have played. As a result, 70% of surveyed students expressed an interest in learning via face-to-face and online because of the flexibility and adaptability of the resources. The webinar challenged educational leaders to consider ways that we need to improve and adapt given the ways that communication, social interaction, and social media are changing.

The next challenge that we are considering at St Luke’s Grammar School is our approach to innovation and the way that we will help our students to develop problem solving skills. Whilst there are domain-specific methods for answering contextual questions, we also want our students to see the role of empathy, ideation, and prototyping, as part of their learning.

In which ways do you think that education needs to evolve? Which processes can be used to help better engage our students?