Year 11 Leadership Retreat

2022 Senior School Leadership Team | 13 November 2021


On Friday, the Leadership Team for 2022 headed off to the Collaroy Centre for a jam-packed day full of pitches and planning activities to ensure that the coming year will be as positive, meaningful and beneficial to the broader school community as possible. Throughout the day, the School Captains, Portfolio Prefects and House Prefects all collaborated with the executive staff to build a plan of action as to our goals, aims and initiatives that we as a cohort will implement throughout the coming year.


The opportunity to take a short break from the busy-ness of school life provided the leadership team with an amazing opportunity to reflect and formulate a legacy that we will seek to leave as a year group at the end of 2022, and one that we hope will leave a positive impact for years to come. Through the experience, the Leadership team were also able to develop a more nuanced understanding of the needs facing the school community and were all strengthened by the inspiring ideas and initiatives being developed across the school that we will be able to support and champion in the coming 12 months.