Our Virtual Canberra Excursion

Lewis P and Rico W | Year 6 Students | Grammar News | 10 September 2021


During Week 7, Year 6 Bayview students took a virtual trip to Canberra and had a great time. Our virtual trip included four visits to some of the big attractions. First stop was the National Film and Sound Archives where we learnt about the history of Australian films and sound production. We were blown away that the first films were made of nitrate, a highly combustible material found in TNT! 


The next day, we visited The Australian War Memorial where we learnt about how Australian servicemen and women contributed and fought in the world wars. We were shown important and interesting war artefacts, had close up views of the dioramas and looked inside aircraft and warships. 


Then we took a trip to Parliament House and visited the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Cabinet and learnt about the three levels of Government. We also learnt how Australia makes its laws and how the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison can only visit the House of Representatives. 


Our last destination was the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) where we learnt how Australian money is made. We met Titan, Penny and Robbie, the RAMs trusty robots who play an important role in coin production. We learnt the process of making coins and how the coin designs are created and reproduced.  


Overall, Year 6 did this in a timeframe of 4 days and we were very grateful to be able to visit Canberra virtually since we couldn’t visit in real life.