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Co-Curricular Opportunities

In addition to focusing on achieving solid academic outcomes, St Luke's also strives to develop the ‘whole child', assisting students to grow into well-adjusted young women and men who have a variety of options available to them upon leaving school. 


The co-curricular opportunities (non-sport) offered across both campuses at St Luke's are:


Music, Drama, Debating & Public Speaking, Dance, and a variety of clubs including Chess, Languages, Dance, Textiles, Art, and App Development.  These activities are held either before or after school.



Music plays an important role in the life of the School. Students are able to participate in many ensembles, performing at regular recitals, assemblies, concerts and musical productions. 


Music Ensembles

SENIOR: Senior Concert Band, Senior Stage Band, Senior String Ensemble, Senior Rock Bands, Senior Chorale, Individual Performances and Soirees

JUNIOR (Bayview): Concert Band, Junior Training Band, Vocal Ensemble, Primary Choir, Infants Choir, Individual Performances and Recitals        

JUNIOR (Dee Why): Junior Concert Band, Year 3 Band Program, Junior String Ensemble, Junior Chorale, Infants Chorale, Individual Performances and Recitals


Musical Performances

Since the first Musical Production in 1993, the Music Department has staged: The Importance of Being Earnest, Annie Get Your Gun, Bye Bye Birdie, Away, Calamity Jane, Pirates of Penzance, Oliver, Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, Disney's Aladdin Jnr, My Fair Lady, Little Shop of Horrors, Seussical the Musical and most recently Lion King Jr.


Individual Music Tuition

At both Dee Why and Bayview campuses, individual music tuition is available, before, during or after school on a variety of musical instruments.  Lessons are scheduled throughout the school day on both a rotational and permanent basis.


Some instruments are available for hire through the School. 

To register for Individual Music Tuition, please refer to the St Luke's Portal.


The study of Drama enables students to develop individual, flexible and creative minds and bodies. Theatre arts opens students to the humour, tragedy and unlimited possibilities of humanity.


Drama is included as part of the regular timetabled curriculum for all Junior School students, and all students in Years 7 & 8.  In addition, the School offers additional Drama opportunities as part of the co-curricular program.


Drama Performances

Senior students are given the opportunity to be involved in School drama productions. Their involvement can range from performing, designing, providing technical support or helping with costumes and make-up.


In recent years, St Luke's has staged highly successful and accessible productions of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamMuch Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night - or What You Will.


Junior students have many opportunities to perform both in class and through extra-curricular activities. They are regularly entertained by elective Drama students' performances on Theatre-in-Education, and by the St Luke's resident Commedia Dell Arte Troupe.


Debating & Public Speaking

Students at St Luke's are warmly encouraged to participate in Debating and Public Speaking opportunities.

The development of skills in analysis and the practice in expressing ideas clearly, logically and persuasively equips our young people for their professional and personal lives beyond the School.



Students in Years 5 to 12 represent St Luke's in the prestigious Independent Schools' Debating Association (ISDA) Competition. Senior students also participate in HICES debating competitions.


The Junior School (both campuses) also participates in the IPSHA debating competition.


Public Speaking

Senior students have the opportunity to participate in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition, the Plain English Speaking Award, the Legacy Junior and Lions Youth of the Year Quest.

Senior students from St Luke's also take part in the High School Mooting Competition organised by Bond University.  In previous years, students have been involved in both local and national speaking competitions, including representing Australia at the Youth Geneva Convention.

Students from Year 11 Legal Studies also have the opportunity to take part in the Perez de Cuellar Shield. This is a model United Nations Security Council Competition which seeks to engage students in a discussion of the issues that are facing the global community in the 21st century.


Each year in the Junior School, students take part in various internal speaking competitions, including the NSW Parliament Bear Pit competition (Dee Why only).


Toastmasters - Years 8 to 12

A Young Toastmasters course is offered annually for students in Years 8 to 12. The course offers skill development in the areas of impromptu speaking, formal, prepared speaking, parliamentary debate and speaking competitions.



Mock Trial - Years 11 & 12

In the Mock Trial Competition, organised by the Law Society of New South Wales, Years 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to experience first-hand the operations of a court trial. The competition provides a practical means of introducing students to the law and increases their understanding of the basis of our judicial system.


Activities & Clubs

St Luke's offers the following activities and clubs, either before or after School.




Junior Students: St Luke's offers Dance as part of its extra-curricular offerings for Junior students. 

The Dee Why campus dance program is run by Anna Hugo, an experienced dance teacher and graduate of the Australian Ballet School, Melbourne. This after school Dance Program develops correct posture, flexibility, body and muscle awareness, and an appreciation of music in a fun yet disciplined environment. The Dance Classes, which are held after School, include Junior Jazz (Kindergarten - Year 1), Intermediate Jazz (Years 2 - 3) and Senior Jazz (Years 4 - 7).


The Bayview campus also offers an after-school dance program. For further information please contact the School Office: T 9979 5755


Senior Students:  While St Luke's does not offer onsite HSC Dance as a subject, Senior students can study Dance for the HSC through external partnerships.


Gymnastics - Junior, Dee Why


St Luke's offers Gymnastics as part of its extra-curricular offerings for Junior students, from Cottage through to 6. 


The Dee Why Campus gymnastics program is run by "Gym in Schools". 


The classes run on Thursdays, in the John Scott Hall.


For more information, please contact the Dee Why Campus - Junior School Office -


Languages - Junior, Dee Why


St Luke’s offers after school co-curricular language classes taught through Headstart Mandarin. 


The program is designed for primary school students and is designed to develop students’ understanding of Chinese Language and culture with themes and subjects relevant to their daily lives. The curriculum materials are inquiry, play and story based to ensure that not only are they interesting but also culturally enriching. The lessons build vocabulary and sentences upon each other in a spiral up approach that helps students review, laying a strong language foundation. Most importantly, the lessons are student-centric to help prepare the learners for real-life communication. K-6 students are able to register for classes by contacting


Art - Senior


Depending on the demand during a given year, the Senior School Art Club usually runs in the afternoons after school. 


Students have the opportunity to work together on a wide variety of creative projects, such as murals around the school and individual artworks.


App Development - Senior


Years 7 & 8 students can join the Computing Club, where students learn how to write iPhone and iPad Apps, and computer programming.


Photography - Senior


The PhotoClub takes place over Terms 2, 3 and early Term 4, and is open to all students in Years 8 - 11.  


Participants learn photographic principles and practices and apply them by engaging in many practical activities, using both natural light and studio lighting.


Textiles - Senior


The Textiles Club (usually Terms 2 & 3) is primarily for students in Years 7 & 8.  Students learn to use sewing machines, overlockers and cover machines.


In the Club students learn to make quilts, explore how to upcycle clothes in their wardrobe, and learn to sew with stretch fabric to make on-trend clothes for themselves.


Cultural & Service Trips

Each year, St Luke's students have many opportunities to travel to various locations around the world, to either be involved in service projects to communities that are in need, or to learn from different cultures around the world.


From 2019, the school has launched a new suite of tours available to students in the Senior School.


These tours have been divided into Service Opportunities and Curricular/Co-curricular offerings and are now available to students from Years 8 – 12.


SERVICE TRIPS:   The International Service Opportunities will be known as LIGHT Tours (Learning In God’s Hope Together). This group of tours will include Fiji for Year 8 students, Cambodia for Year 9 students and Uganda for students in Year 10, 11 and 12.


CURRICULAR AND CO-CURRICULAR TOURS:   This group of tours will include our Sports Basketball Tour to the United States for students in Years 10 and 11 in even years, our European History Tour for students in Years 10 and 11 in odd years and an opportunity for a Regional/International Music Tour in April in even years. 


LIGHT Tour - Fiji Year 8

The Year 8 service trip to Fiji aims to give the students a community service experience through volunteering with and learning from a local community on Naviti Island.


Rustic Pathways facilitates the trip and has been leading service trips internationally for Australian students for 32 years, specialising in providing sustainable and meaningful programs for high school students.


Our students spend 4 days living in a local community, learning about the local people, the environment and marine life, helping undertake research and restoration projects that lead to the sustainability of the immediate environment.


LIGHT Tour - Cambodia Year 9

In 2017, St Luke's established a service trip to Cambodia. The trip involved a group of approximately 20 students in Year 10, who travelled to rural Cambodia during the July School holidays. The service trip aimed to allow students to learn from and work with some local Cambodians currently living under the poverty line. The students also had opportunities to teach English in one of the local schools, and assist a community to landscape their village. Included in the trip was also a visit to some local landmarks and temples.

One of the projects undertaken was the construction of a house for a family, whose father had tragically lost his leg in a landmine accident. The students discovered that the family’s house consisted of a single room which had been rendered harsh to live in by decay. Despite their hardship though, what struck the St Luke’s students, was their attitude. Their smiles and enthusiasm for life left the students inspired. The young grandchildren, and even older grandparents, insisted on helping in whatever way they could.

As Year 10 student Finn Wilson said “This trip has completely changed my perception of the world, and has made me want to help those in poverty so much more. The people we met were always so happy, even though they have so little. I have realised how thankful I should be for everything that we have. I think that everybody should go on a trip like this at least once in their lives.”  

It was a challenging week for the students. But for the people of Cambodia, this is their 'day-to-day' for their entire lives. It was at this house that compassion for those living in poverty was truly learnt. Compassion is about action, not words.

LIGHT Tour - Uganda Years 10-12

In 2005, St Luke's established a service trip to Uganda that saw an ongoing commitment by the School and our community for 10 years. 


The trips usually involved around 40 students, who travelled to the Watoto village to provide practical help through building either homes, classrooms or facilities on the Watoto farm to help the orphans of Uganda. 


While in Africa, the students also engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing Mount Kenya, whitewater rafting on the Nile and going on safari to experience the African wildlife.


The final St Luke's mission trip was held in 2015, as the Watoto Mission has become self-sustaining through the help given over the years by many.


Co-Curricular Tour - China Year 10

A small group of Year 10 students have the opportunity to attend the bi-annual Beijing Summer School.


This 10-day cultural trip, hosted by the Chinese government, bring students from all around the world for a residential festival celebrating Chinese art, history, dance, music, architecture, martial arts and sport.


The trip also includes visits to iconic sites such as the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Olympic venues.


Co-Curricular Tour - Europe Years 10 & 11

Europe has provided a rich source of inspiration for many St Luke’s Language and History students over the years.


School trips have included attending language school in Paris as well visiting iconic tourist and historical sites to enrich learning.


More recent History trips have seen students exploring the WW1 battlefields of northern France and Belgium as well as visiting Paris, Rome and the Bay of Naples.


Co-Curricular Tour - Music

In recent years, Senior School music students have travelled to Singapore (2014) and New Zealand (2012) to tour and perform at various venues and schools.  Music students have also performed at Sea World, Gold Coast, and at Warringah Mall.

Service Opportunities

What we do at St Luke’s is shaped by what we believe. We recognise the Bible is the supreme way in which God communicates to us and calls us to live. As a result, we have developed a service orientated culture, which stems from the value the School places on Biblical principles, clothing ourselves with the attitude of Christ; “…compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, making allowance for each other's faults, and forgiving anyone who offends them. Binding them all together in love;" (Colossians 3:12).


This has been our motivation as we seek to serve in the local community and nation, supporting various charities, and even inspiring students to make a difference globally, like volunteering for the Watoto orphanage in Africa. With Christ as our light, we truly seek to make a difference in the world so that we can; ‘…let God’s light shine before others, that they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven;” (Matthew 5:16).





The Arranounbai Program is a Service Learning program built into the Year 9 Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) course. The Program sees all Year 9 students visiting the Arranounbai School, a small school catering for students with a range of disabilities. 


While at Arranounbai our students volunteer as classroom assistants helping with literacy programs, art and craft, morning exercise routines and much more. The key themes within the Learning@StLuke’s framework (of grace, compassion, justice and humility) are recurring themes throughout the Program and student reflections are consistently positive.


Time spent at Arranounbai continues to open eyes, expand horizons and build a desire to be active and servant-hearted within the broader community.


Aged Care

Resulting from the ongoing success of the partnership between Year 9 students and Arranounbai School, the service program was expanded to include Year 10 students visiting a local aged care facility.


As part of the Year 10 Sports program, students visit the Elizabeth Jenkins Place Aged Care Plus Centre at Collaroy to meet the residents and assist with a variety of activities, including opportunities for students to engage with residents, share music, games and conversation. 


Northern Beaches Interchange

In partnership with NBI (Northern Beaches Interchange), St Luke’s senior students offer a Social Basketball Program for local young people with disabilities.


Each week, participants come to St Luke’s to connect with the student volunteer team, who offer individual coaching in a fun and social atmosphere.


For NBI participants, this program has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and connectedness while promoting physical activity and good health. For our student volunteers, it continues to be an avenue by which they can learn to use their gifts and passions to bless and support those around them, while also building valuable relationships and skills for life.


NBI participants and their families - along with member of the community - are also invited to special preview performances of the annual drama and musical productions.


Community Fundraising

Throughout the course of each year, students across both the Junior and Senior Schools are involved in raising funds for particular charities.

As part of their Leadership portfolios, Year 12 students raise funds for their chosen charity, and in 2018, the students successfully raised over $12,000.  

Other Year groups are also focused on various charities, often holding 'mufti' days, bake sales and various activities, seeking 'gold coin' donations, in an effort to help those who need assistance in the community. For example, in 2018, the Bayview Campus, raised more than $6,000 for ‘Bear Cottage’.

Through special events the broader School Community also supports charities.